Finding jorden

Sequel to last goodbyes and fresh starts! This book is about how Jordan will cope with is new family and how the twins will grow to find out down harsh things. Zayn and Alana will grow more in the story but what's happens when Harry gets jealous? Keep reading to find out.


2. showing off.

Zayns pov.

I finally got a son. I can play football! Video games! This will be awesome. Finally when the boys arnt around I till have an excuse on why I'm childish! Me and Alana walk back only to see wonderful Jordan playing with the twins. He is adorable.

"Jordan, what would you say we get you out of that hell hole and start calling me dad?"I said. He stops playing with the baby's only to look like he is going to past out. 1 minute later Jordan fainted on the floor. Luckily I grabbed him before hitting his head to the floor.

I grab him up and place him in the back seat of my car. I look back and Alana had the twins and placed them in her car. I locked up for here and we both followed home.

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