Finding jorden

Sequel to last goodbyes and fresh starts! This book is about how Jordan will cope with is new family and how the twins will grow to find out down harsh things. Zayn and Alana will grow more in the story but what's happens when Harry gets jealous? Keep reading to find out.


1. Jordan?

Alana's pov.

I sat there in my bakery as I listen to his story.

"I was in a coma for six months and when I woke I had a little bit of memory lost. I stayed lost cause they didn't know my name. The. It all tracked back to me. The boat the family. Everything. I woke up screaming at the nurse for Ellie joy and she told me she was dead and so was dad and Joey and you an Mari. I didn't know what to do really. They couldn't find any close family so I got sent to an orphanage for boys. 2 months later it was m birthday. I spent that day sobbing in my room I shared wit my friend. I lost contact free he got adopted. But now I live with aunt Rita." Tears start to form in his eyes. Only the hurt that child goes threw.

"She treats me like her toy. I cook. Clean, I'm even homeschool. She turned into an alcoholic and she would hit me just for speaking. I got scared. I didn't know what to do anymore. I just wanted to die. Today she went out and before she left she closed my hand in the door warning me saying if I run away I will have my hands chopped off." Tears were streaming down his face. I went to hug him till the door rung. Meaning costumers. I kept ahold of Jordan and speak.

"Sorry we're not open." I finally let go when some one grabs my waist. I jumped at first an seen the scared look in Jordan's face. I tune to see zayn with Anna and Emma. He puts down the carriers and hugs me. He whipped the tears from my cheeks and looks past me to see and worried little boy.

"Who might this be?" Zayn say setting on his nees to be high yes with Jordan.

"I'm Jordan. Alana's brother." I can feel that zayn was uncomfortable but he didn't. He turned to me and I nodded. He surprised me by gripping Jordan into a big hug. I smile and I can see that Jordan's afraid of why a man is hugging him.

"Jordan. Meet the twins. Emily and Anna. And my husband zayn." He looks at the baby's and bends down. Zayn comes and pulls me to the kitchen. "Jordan could you watch them please?" Zayn ask. He nods and pulls me to the kitchen.

" that him?" He stutters. I thought I was getting a speech but instead I got a hug. "I know I'm sounding crazy but let's adopt him. Louis already has you two. And I wouldn't trust him with anyone else. We can always have a baby sitter and I can play football with him. He'll be a great son." I look back at Jordan and I smile proudly. We walk out hand in hand.

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