strange love

Sierra and Isabella move to London to a college that they both got into. When they get there the find out that they are not roommates but when they get there they find that there roommates are guys! What happens when they find something out that they didn't want to know?


17. Wheres Harry????

It's been 4 weeks and none of the boys have came home. I was getting worried that Harry might of died he said that he would come back. I need him to come back. I walked around the room and decided to wear a dress so I put on a strapless orange dress that went to the middle of my thigh, then I out my hair in a side braid then slipped in black studded high heels. I went to the kitchen and got some food I'm not quite showing yet, but im am supper hungry, i got some blood and out it in a cup. Then Isabella and Alicia came in. 
"We still have not heard anything from the boys" Isabella said 
"Niall hasn't called me either" Alicia added in, 
I looked at them with sad eyes, then looked down at my cup of blood i didn't want to tell them that Harry has not texted or called me, what will they say please tell me that they are okay. 
"I.....I....I didn't get anything from Harry either....I...I'm scared" I said washing my cup. The girls came over and hugged me. "Its been 4 weeks and there not home" 
"It will be okay they are strong, They will comeback." Isabella said hugging me. 
Then we head the door open went to see and it was one of there solders. 
"My lady's we were attacked I don't know where everyone is at Im sorry" 
Then he fell on the ground with an arrow in his back, we looked at each other and i slid down the wall and started to cry. Why does this have to happen of all days this has to happen! We might never get to see our love ones again. I might never see the father of my child, Isabella might never see her husband, and Alicia might never see her boyfriend. Is this really happening? I was crying, Isabella was trying to be strong for us, she never really cried in front of us last time she cried was in front of me when i was helping her stop cutting. Alicia was in tears, i was in tears we didn't know what to do. Isabella can't run a kingdom she has no clue how, i don't know how either this is bad really bad. I slowly got up and went to the tv room and sat on the couch. Why does this have to happen? Everything just has to go wrong! Every time i get someone that cares about me they leave or die, I can't have this right now i can't stress right now, it won't be good for the baby. Then the other girls came in Alicia had make up all over her face and her eyes were red a puffy. Non of us know what to do, i probably look really bad, but Alicia loved Niall I can tell that even tho she is human. They love each other like me and Harry, I just imagine a life with out him, its just so hard to think that he is dead. I looked at the girls and they looked at me with sad eye, I remember when we meet i had a feeling like we would click looks like i was right, we did click and now its hard to be away from him so long. Then my phone went off, 
Unknown: I think I have something you want ;) 
I locked my phone and didn't say anything I was just hoping that they had the wrong number. 
~Later that night~
It was late and we had no news, we had to force Isabella to eat, then the door opened, we ran out to see 2 dark figures. Were standing there, we ran over to see Liam and Niall, I helped to get them in the room me and Isabella laid Liam down on one of the couches then we laid Niall down on the other one. I got a wet rag and placed them on their heads. 
"Isabella i need 2 blood bags Alicia get blankets!" 
They ran out of the room, they are already healing but they need the blankets to get their temp down and the blood to help them heal faster. They both came back and I ripped open the bag and then i spilt some on their lips. I ran out of the room and got one of those things that they use for IVs in the hospitals and 2 more blood bags and some needles. I got back in the room and hung up one and got it all hooked up and got the needle in Niall's arm. Then I ran over to Liam and did the same day. Now all i have to do is wait for Harry. Then my phone went off again. 
Unknown: If you want to see him then you better hurry he might not live that long
I just brushed it off, okay that is so the wrong number, I wanted to think that i just don't know if it is. The girls looked at me and i just said that it was the wrong number.
~3 days later~ 
Its been 3 days we have not slept we have ate but not slept, I kept on getting the text from that unknown person and Harry has not been home. I kept on thinking that the text i am getting if from someone that has Harry, I just don't know what I should do. I was changing out the boys blood bags and when i got done i walked out of the room and threw them away. I walked back in to see Niall and Liam, awake. 
"Omg I am so glad that you guys are awake" I said walking over to them
"How long have we been out"
"3 day" Isabella said kissing Liam. 
"Is Harry here?" Niall asked  
"No we though that he was with you but when you two got here he was not with us" Alicia said looking at me with worried eyes. 
"Where's Harry?!?!?" I asked scared. 
"Well we got attacked when we were going over the plans, after everything we didn't see Harry so we thought that he came here" Liam explained. I fell to the ground and started to cry, Niall ripped his needle out of his arm and ran over to me and pulled me in a hug. 
"Sierra you can tell me what ever is on your mind"
"I....I need Harry to come home..." I mumbled in his shoulder. I pulled away and wiped the tears away and tried to calm down. "I'm......pregnant with Harry's child" I said again, then Niall and Liam has shock all over there face. Then my phone went off, I looked at it, and it was the Unknown number that was calling, Niall told me to put it on speaker. So I answered it and put it on speaker. 
"Hello love" a familiar voice come over   
*Oh cliffhanger not really unless your into my book, but im sorry that its short i really hope you like it well anyways, thats it i really do hope that you like this book Goodbye for now Loves~~Sierra_Marie_Styles*


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