strange love

Sierra and Isabella move to London to a college that they both got into. When they get there the find out that they are not roommates but when they get there they find that there roommates are guys! What happens when they find something out that they didn't want to know?


3. The flashbacks!

Harry's p.o.v

Sierra was already gone off to class, i was drinking the blood bag that Niall brought over to me. It feels like something is not right. I know that Sierra's mom put a spell on her to protect her but it seems like there is more to it. Like her mom would have to have a better reason. Niall is on my bed playing with his food I just wish he would hurry up. Niall soom was sitting by me. 
"Did you get done"
"Yeah I am done" 
"Yeah her blood smelled really good" 
"Well i am glad that you enjoyed her"
"So do you know of Liam had any more flashbacks"
Me and Niall sat there quietly, then Liam came threw my window.
"Hey you guys I have found out something"
"What is it Liam?" 
"You know how I got a vision when I touched Sierra." 
"Yeah so"
"Okay so for a test I touched Isabella's things and I saw her past. She use to cut till she moved in with Sierra but anyways I think it might work on Sierra"
"Okay let's go in the room"

Liam's pov 
We went to Harry's room and there were clothes everywhere. 
"Do you guys even clean"
Harry handed me on of her shirts and then the flashback started.

I was in a room it was the main castle that princess Sierra was born in. I heard a baby crying. I walked towards the crying and it was Sierra I looked at her when she was in her little bed. She had black hair and she had two different eye color one was red and one was blue she was pretty. Then I heard voices, they can't see me so I am fine. I looked to see that it was the king queen and my mom.
"Are you sure that the spell will work" the queen asked 
"Yes but I don't know what will happen to you" my mum said. 
"It's. Fine" the king said. Then her mom did the spell everything went bright and when I opened my eyes the queen was dead and the princess was gone.


I opened my eyes and the boys were looking at me. I was trying to think about what happened, I don't know any creature that has two different eye color.
"What did you see?"
"Sierra she was a baby she had black hair......we need to go to the specialize library"
I got up and we all got there with our speed.
"King how can I help you"
"It's still prince" 
"Sorry what can I help you?"
"I need to get to the other library"
She handed me the key and me and the boys went to the door. We got down there and I was looking threw books and the boys were standing there.
"What are we looking for"
"A creature with two different eye color"
"Most of them are evil tho" Niall said.
"Yeah but we need to find one that is good" I said running back and forth looking for the answers. Then Harry called us over. 
"What did you find"
"Okay it's mix of 3 different creatures"

Zayns pov 
I went back to Lilly's, I walked in and she looked at me.
"I told you that you can't break the spell"
"Oh I know but I have a feeling that you know more" I said slamming her into the wall. 
"Okay okay I will tell you the rest. The spell can be broken on its own but after 3 millennium"
"But it's been that long and she should be dead"
"Okay you don't get it her birthday is coming up the spell was done on her birthday so it might be undone on her birthday or after her birthday. she is still alive because she is a mix if 3 different people, she is a vampire witch and werewolf. so she is called a Lutacrist"

Liam's pov 
Sierra is a Lutacrist a mix of a vampire werewolf and witch. we were back on Harry's room I grabbed her pants next.

I was still in the castle but a different time there were lost of voices. I walked towards the voices and my mum and dad was there along with the king and queen.
"King why did you call us here" my dad said.
"We got a visit from Linda and Logan when Sierra is born and when she is older she has to marry Zayn but that's not it another kingdom knows that she is part werewolf and they said that they were going to take her away"
"They can't do that, what are we going to do" my mum said. Then the queen fell to the ground she started to go into labor.


I looked at the boys and they looked at me.
"My mom dad and the queen and king all were in the same room. Zayn was not the only one we have to protect Sierra from."
"What are you talking about"
"There was another kingdom that wanted her, sense she is part werewolf. Werewolf's want her too"
They didn't say anything, they handed me a little box.

I was in a castle but a different one I walked around and I saw a small boy playing he had on a prince outfit and he has black hair. Then a lady walked in.
"Yes Mummy"
"A baby as been born in head castle and when she gets older you are going to marry her and then you'll be the king and you will rule all the land."
"Really Mummy"
"Yes sweet heart" 
Then she kissed his forehead and she left. I followed her and she stopped in front of the king. 
"I just got notice that another kingdom wants the princess."
"They can't she has to marry Zayn."
"I don't know what the kingdom is going to do but the baby was born"


I opened my eyes and I was getting tired. I don't know how much longer I can use my powers can take this. 
"Whoa lets take a break, Niall went out to get food."
Harry helped me up on his bed and laid me down, Niall came back and he cut the blood bags open and he dripped some on my lips. 
"Okay let's take a break" Harry said then we heard the door open and we hid the blood bags under neath Harry's bed.

Sierras pov
I got back to the dorm and dropped off my bag, and I went to the room and Liam was on Harry's bed and Niall and Harry were around him.
"I have been here for a week and this is still gay looking." I said trying to find cloths. I found the shirt that I want I sniffed it and it stank. 
"Okay well I am going to do some laundry" 
I grabbed a basket and put random cloths in there then I left. I got to the laundry and then Zayn walked in with a basket.
"Looks like were both doing laundry" he said
The dryer went off and I grabbed the clothes and they all were Harry's. After a few trips back and forth I got done. I got back in the dorm and went to the room and I saw the boys with my bra and underwear.
"Are you guys having fun with my things"
"Sorry Sierra we didn't see you come in" Niall said 
Then I felt really dizzy and tired and I fell and everything went black.

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