strange love

Sierra and Isabella move to London to a college that they both got into. When they get there the find out that they are not roommates but when they get there they find that there roommates are guys! What happens when they find something out that they didn't want to know?


6. Saved

Sierra's pov
It's been 7 mouths I am starting to lose hope that anyone will find me. I have not left this room, I will not go anywhere with Ashton, Luke has been giving me food, he is nice. I was by the window and the door unlocked. I turned around to see who it was and it was a maid with something's. 
"Here you go love"
"Thank you"
She put it down on the bed and she left. I went to the bathroom and got a shower. I got out and put on a pink laced strapless bra and pink laced underwear. I went back to the room and put on the pink dress that hit the middle of my thigh, it was also strapless. there was a knock on the door and it unlocked i slipped on the shoes and Luke came in with nothing.
"Um...Ashton want to speak with you"
"Tell him I don't want to talk or see him! Why should I any ways? He fuckin' kidnapped me I an bit seeing him"
"I understand I will bring food back with me"

Ashton's pov
I was in the ball room and Luke came back.
"What did she say?" 
"She said that she didn't want to see you, you want me to take her food" 
"No I will do it"
"Are you sure"
"Yes I will just have to go to her"
I went to the kitchen and I grabbed her tray, I walked up to the room and unlocked it. I walked in and she turned around and saw that it was me. Then she turned around and looked back out at the window and she was watching the snow fall to the ground. 
"You want to go out"
"Your going to let me go outside"
"Well you'll have Luke with you but let me go get you a new outfit"
Then I left I got a long dress and boots with a cape. I went back to the room and put it on her bed.

Sierras pov 
Ashton left again and I grabbed the clothes that were on the bed and put it on. It was a long purple dress with long sleeve. I put in the boots the the black cape and I tied it around my neck and I opened the door and Luke was right there.
"You look pretty"
"Thanks but I'm not a big fan of dresses"
"I'm sorry but that's all we have"
I put the hood up and we went outside, I looked around and it took awhile to get my eyes adjusted to the light. I lifted up the dress and walked around and i went to the forest. Luke was right behind me I need to find out how to get away from him, and go back to the college. I need to find a plan.

"You okay princess"

"I'm fine"


Harry's p.o.v

Sierra has been gone for 7 mouths, the castle that i saw was just Zayn's this sucks. All the boys went out to look and Bella finally got a hang of her vampire side so she is out looking too. I staid behind just encase. We tried Liam's powers and it didn't work. Sierra's birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and the spell might be broken. I was pasting when they came back.


"We found people in the forest and it looked like Sierra and Luke"


"But we want you to go and save her"

"Why didn't you guys"

"Because Niall read her mind and she likes you and she want you to save her"

"Yeah if it was not for Isabella's powers finally coming in then she would of not of moved a tree so I could have a clear shot to read her head"

"Thank you guys"

Then I jumped out of the window, I finally got there and I saw Sierra, with Luke she picked a flower and looked up at Luke and I heard them talking.

"So Princess do you have a special someone back home"

"Yeah I do"

I listened in closely to here if she was talking about me.

"Who is it"

"He has brown curly hair, green eyes, dimples, he is nice and sweet, and me and him don't like keeping things clean"n'

"Whats his name"

"Harry.....Harry Styles"

"Oh I you like him"

"No I don't like him......I love him"

"Your a princess you have to marry a prince and Harry is not a prince"

Just when he said that my heart shattered, I totally forgot that she was a Princess and that she has to marry a Prince. I feel so stupid for liking her.

"I think I can marry who ever I want it true love that matters not what we are and I'm not a Princesses I am a human"

"Look you are a Princess, You have to marry either Zayn Malik, or Ashton Irwin"

"I don't care I'm not dating anyone. Harry will come for me"

Then I saw Ashton walk up to them, my blood started to boil, i swear to god if he lays a hand on her he is dead.

Sierra's p.o.v

I was fighting with Luke about who i can love and who i don't have to love. I am not marrying either of them I don't love them I love Harry and I am human not a fucking princess what the hell. Then Ashton came out, he told Luke that he can go.

"What the hell are you thinking Sierra"

"I just want to leave"

"No you are going to marry me and no one else, Sierra"

Then he grabbed my arm really tight and I pulled away, then I fell to the ground and felt a stinging in my cheek. I held my cheek and I looked up at him and I looked at his eyes and they had hate in them, I got scared and got up and ran. Then he appeared right in front of me I fell backwards onto the snow, my hood fell off and didn't know what to do. He grabbed me by my arm and I could not get lose. I fought back I didn't want to go back with him. 
"Hey let go of her" I know that voice. I looked to see Harry the boy that stole my heart. My face lit up when I saw him.
"Oh what are you going to do about it vampire boy" 
Then he ran really fast I barely saw him and he was in front of Ashton. He grabbed him by the throat and threw him into a tree.
"Come on before he wakes up" he bent down in front of me and I put up my hood and jumped on his back. Then he ran of with is vampire speed.

Isabella's pov 
I heard a heart beat and sweet smell of blood, I didn't know what it was or who it was. I looked out the window and saw Harry.
"You guys!" I said jumping out of the window and they followed my actions and I got to where Harry and Sierra was. She got off of Harry's back and took off her cape and ran to me and we hugged for who knows how long.
"Your wearing a dress" 
"Yeah... Ashton made me" 
"You don't know how bad I am trying not to suck you dry"
"Your a vampire too"
"I had no choice" 
"What are you talking about?"
"Over the past 7 months that you were gone Louis attacked me I cried my self to sleep and I guess the boys left I woke up and Louis was there and he attacked me. Liam saved me Babe"
"Thank you Liam" she said giving him a hug.
"Hey he is mine now get our own" I said joking around with her. She rolled her eyes and we went back to Harry's dorm so she can change.

Sierras pov 
We got back to the dorm and I got a thermal shirt on with fuzzy pj bottoms. It feels good to be back in pants. I walked out of the bed room and went to the front room Liam and Isabella were getting ready to leave I gave them both a hug and the walked out the door holding hands. I must of missed a lot in the past 7 months. Niall went out the window and I turned to Harry.
"I take it that they are vampires too"
"Yeah Liam is the prince of the good ones me and Niall are just friends"
"Why does everyone keep calling me princess I am not a princess"
"We'll talk to you about the on your birthday love"
"Okay well I am going to get some shut eye"
I went to the room, not to long after Harry came in.
"Sierra can I sleep with you"
I felt him lay down on his back the he pulled me on top if him and I just cuddled up to him. Then I fell back to sleep.

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