strange love

Sierra and Isabella move to London to a college that they both got into. When they get there the find out that they are not roommates but when they get there they find that there roommates are guys! What happens when they find something out that they didn't want to know?


15. Leaving/pregnate

I woke up and Harry was gone today was the day that they leave. I got up and put on slippers, I felt bad about yesterday, I was in bed all day because I didn't feel good. I walked out the door and went to the armory, I saw Alicia Isabella Niall Liam and then I saw Harry. He was suited in armor I had on a faint smiled, he walked over here and hugged me and kissed my forehead. 
"Baby girl I promise I will be back" 
"I know but I still feel bad about yesterday"
"Don't be" 
He stroke my hair then he kissed my lips, Niall, Liam and Harry, all said goodbye. I didn't want him to go but if he has to then there is nothing i can do. Me and Isabella went back to the TV room and watched some. I got up and went to the bathroom and threw up, Isabella and Alicia came in, Alicia grabbed my hair and pulled it back and Isabella left. 
"Where did Isabella go"
"She said that she had to go to town to grab something" 
We got me bak on the couch and Alicia grabbed a wet rag and put it on my forhead. 
"Well your not runninng a fever so I don't really know what's going on" 
"I don't know either" 
"Sierra did you and Harry use a condom when you guys did it at my wedding" Isabella said coming back in. 
"Have u had your period at all this month" Alicia add in.
"I don't think I have and Isabella we didn't" 
"Well here" 
She handed me a pregnancy test I looked at her with wide eyes and I grabbed it from her. 
"Just to play it safe" Alicia said I shook my head went back to the bathroom. I took the test and I waited and waited. Then I looked at it and it was positive. No this can't happen if Harry's doesn't make it back and he dies out there who is going to be the father I can't handle it my baby is going to be like me she won't be able it handle the power at all! I won't be able to take care of this baby I threw away the test and I was full blown tears. I walked out and the girls looked at me and they stood up I walked over to them and smiled weakly. 
"Princess what's wrong" 
"I'm pregnant" 


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