strange love

Sierra and Isabella move to London to a college that they both got into. When they get there the find out that they are not roommates but when they get there they find that there roommates are guys! What happens when they find something out that they didn't want to know?


12. He did what

Isabella's pov 
*1year later* 
I woke up to Liam's soft snores I got up out if bed and put on a black laced dress and black pumps. I went to the bathroom and did my hair and makeup. I went back to the room and was at the desk and I was looking for something and then I felt warm arms around me I turned around and saw Liam and he was fully dressed I smiled at him and he kissed my lips and I kissed him back. Then he intertwined out hands and then he pulled me forwards and he backed me up into the wall but not that hard, he kissed my lips again then he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his torso and the he walked away from the wall and laid me down on the bed. I grabbed his shirt not breaking the kiss and ripped it off then he ripped of my dress and he took of his pants. We were in our underwear and it was getting heated, he lifted my back up off the bed and unhooked my bra and I stopped him. 
"Are you sure you want to do this" 
"Yes why do you not want to" 
"No I do but I can get pregnant by this" 
"I know and if you do I am ready to be a father"
"Okay then" 
Then he kissed me again and he finished taking off my bra. He kissed my cheek then went to my neck and I felt something sharp go in my neck. I moaned his name and he stopped then before I knew it all our clothes were off. He started off slow it was just amazing I just wanted more and more, then he stopped and I felt something warm inside me. 
"Your done already?" 
"Babe you can make me you know" 
"Oh okay well you ripped my clothes so I'm  gonna  get new clothes on" 
"You ripped mine plus I want to take you somewhere" 
I went to the closet and grabbed a back laced bra and underwear then I put on a frilly black top and white short shorts then I pulled my hair up in a pony tail. Liam grabbed my hand and he was also fully dressed. Then he took me to the garden, we went under the orchid tree his hand was in his pocket messing around with something. 
"Isabella I love you and I don't want to stop I know that I'm a Prince and your not one but my parents won't care I love you to much to let you go so Isabella would you like to be my princess" he said getting down on one knee and brought out a small black box then he opened it. "Isabella will you be my Princess and marry me" 
"Oh my god Liam I would love to"
Then he slid the ring on my finger and he stood up and I was crying. 
"Baby what's wrong" 
"I'm just really happy" 
Then I gave him a hug and I looked down at the Diamond ring and looked back up at him.
"Go tell the girls" 
Then I ran to the game room and they looked at me. 
Sierra's pov 
Isabella came in crying and I was worried she ran and sat down between me and Alicia, and spoke up. 
"Liam asked me to be his princess" 
"He did what" I asked her surprised
"Liam proposed to me not to long ago"
"Omg I am so happy for you" Alicia said giving her a hug, we both gave her a hug and I am happy for her.  
*sorry of its short I didn't know what else to put in it I will update soon again* 


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