strange love

Sierra and Isabella move to London to a college that they both got into. When they get there the find out that they are not roommates but when they get there they find that there roommates are guys! What happens when they find something out that they didn't want to know?


5. Gotta get out


Isabella's pov

Sierra has been gone for 3 days, I don't know how much longer I can take it with out her. I need her back in my life. I was lying in the dorm. I am glad that it's spring break. Liam, Niall, and Harry went out to look I am glad that they told me what they are and what Sierra is. Then they came back and no one had anything. 
"We will find her Bella I promise"
Me and Liam have been getting closer he has been calling me Bella for the past 2 days I don't mind because Sierra called me that. Then I started to cry, Liam sat down and pulled me in his lap and I was crying into his chest he kisses my forehead.

Sierras pov 
I woke up and I was in a room but it was not my dorm room. I feel like I have been out for ever, I sat up and saw that there was a dress I was black and it was puffy at the end, it was strapless too. I walked around to see a black pare if high heel boots. I walked around a opened a few drawers and found bras and underwear. I grabbed a lace strapless bra and matching underwear, I put the dress on and then I put the shoes on. I went over to the door and it was unlocked. I opened it and I walked out. I need to get out or here, I walked down a few hallways and then I voice stopped me.
"Well hello love, you look lovely on that dress"
I turned around to see a boy about my age might be older. He has brown hair and he was kinda cute.
"Who are you?" I managed to get out. 
"I am prince Ashton and this is my castle" he said "this way you must be hungry"
"No not really I just want to go home"
"You are home Sierra"
" I'm not I need to go back to Isabella"
"Oh yeah about her"
"What did you do to her"
"She is safe her Niall Liam and Harry are looking for you but they won't find you, come let's eat"
"No I want to leave I am not going anywhere with you!" 
"Oh really"
"I want to go home"
"You can't leave princess"
"Oh that's right your spell." he said lowly. 

"Just let me go I don't want to be here your an ass whole anyways, and who in the hell would kidnap a fucking college girl! Let me the fuck go I don't know you!' I said getting pissed off. 

"Oh just shut up" 

Then he grabbed my arm and drugged me back in the room that i was just in, he tossed me in there and i fell to the ground. I looked up and he spoke up. 

"Stay in there till you make up your mind" 

Then he slammed the door, I got up and ran over to it and I heard him lock the door. I banged in the door then I started to cry. 

Harry's pov 

Isabella was crying into Liam's chest, afterwards she fell asleep and Liam put her in Sierra's bed. I have  not eaten in 3 days and my throat started to burn like crazy. I have to eat if not who knows what I would do. Niall went out to search some more. When we find Sierra I am never going to let her go I miss her and I just want to hold her and tell her how i feel about her. Niall came threw the window and he came back with a couple of blood bags. He tossed me one and my throat stopped burning. 

"Did you find anything" Liam asked 

"No nothing it might take us ages to find her"

"We have to find her soon" 

"I know we do"

"You guys" I spoke up 

"What Harry"

"I need to tell her how i feel if we find her. I need to know how she feels about me. You guys I love her and I don't want to lose her I miss her a lot  " I said, then I felt a tear rolling down my face. 

"Mate we will find her no matter what I promise" 

"Lets go back out one more time" Liam said 

We all went out I went to go look in the forest and I got to the edge and I saw a castle in the distance. I was half temped to go and see if Sierra was there but I know that Liam and Niall would not of liked that. Then out of the blue we heard a blood curling scream, and I notice that it was coming from my dorm room. We all got back to my dorm and we ran in the room. 

Liam's pov 

We all heard a scream and we went back to Harry's dorm room, I ran to the bedroom where Isabella was and there was blood and I went over to her and put her in my arms, her heart beat was faint, I was crying at this point I loved her I didn't want to lose her. She opened her eyes and put her hand on my cheek. 

"L.....Liam...." she said faintly. 

"Oh my god...Isabella who did this to you" 

Every second that pasted her heart was fainting she was going to die. 

"Lo.....Louis did this....."

"Shh your going to be fine Bella" I cooed, stroking her hair

" you,"

"I love you too" 

"I'm going to die aren't I" 

"No....If you want to live I am going to have to change you"

"Into what you are"

"Yes I don't want to lose you Bella I love you to much" 

"I love you too"

Then her hand fell off of my face and I knew what I had to do. I lifted her up and I bit her neck, I put my venom into her and now all we have to do is wait. I went back to our dorm room and grabbed her some pj's, then I went back. I sat down on the couch I don't know how long it will take, Niall and Harry sat down beside me. 

"I should of staid behind then she would not have to go threw the pain"

Then I heard scramming I got up and ran to the bedroom and sat next to Isabella she is changing this is going to hurt her. Screaming and I can't do anything to help her. Then she stopped, I stayed right there beside her, she woke up and her hair was a different color and her eyes were red, this has never happened before. 

"L...liam is that you" she said sitting up. 

"Yeah Love its me"

"Why is my throat burning its on fire, why do I feel this way"

"Your just" I said rolling up my sleeve. She looked at me and I nodded telling her that she can drink, she grabbed my arm and bit into it. I felt her fangs dig into my skin. I hate to say it but it kinda turned me on. Then she let go and she had blood on her cheek. Niall handed her a cup of blood. 

"Isabella.....I love you"

"I love you too Liam"

Then I kissed her light pink lips. 

Sierra's pov 

The door opened and a blonde haired boy came in with a tray. I stood up from the bed and he put the tray down on the bed. 

"I'm sorry about Ashton he can be a little contoling"

"What is he..."

"What do you mean Princess"

"Stop calling me that I am not a Princess, I come from a small town in the U.S I was adopted I am not a fucking Princess"

"I'm sorry Sierra....but Ashton is the prince of werewolf's" 

Then he left, I heard him lock the door I grabbed the apple that was on the tray and I went over to the window and looked out. I can see the college from here, I heard a scream but I just thought that it was someone getting murder. I wounder how Bella is doing. All I know is that I need to get out! 



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