Dear Diary

{Warning: This may have triggering parts so read at your own risk. This is a 5SOS fanfiction written in 'diary format.'}

Some people tell others their stories, some write them.
Some keep them hidden behind their scars and a book.


6. A/N

Hello c:.

So I might not be able to write everyday, which has in the past made me slowly drift and just lose all hope for my fanfics/stories.

I have school starting soon, I've been super suicidal/depressed lately, I've been basically gluing all the broken, shattered pieces together and it isn't working.

Yes, writing is my escape, but I am doing quite a lot in dance too and unfortunately I am going to be really busy with it.

So hopefully I will be able to have this whole story finished(I'll save them all as drafts and post 1-2 chapters a day or every few days.)


Do any of you even like this story so far?

I like feedback, it helps me know what you all like or think I need to do, etc.

So comment what you think!

Thank you c:.



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