Dear Diary

{Warning: This may have triggering parts so read at your own risk. This is a 5SOS fanfiction written in 'diary format.'}

Some people tell others their stories, some write them.
Some keep them hidden behind their scars and a book.


7. 5/29/14

Dear Diary,

In 5 minutes the tickets go on sale.

I got the website pulled up, ready to snatch myself up a ticket.

4 minutes.

I doubt I'll get a ticket, but maybe I will.

3 minutes.
This is taking too long. 1 minute seems like eternity to me. But maybe its because I spend my days living in each second, lying in bed crying or cutting.

2 minutes.

I have my credit card ready, just in case.

I am so tired, but maybe this will be worth it.

1 minute.

OMG! It's getting so close!

I'll be back in a few!




Deary Diary,


In two weeks, I'll be seeing my favorite band!

I'm so excited right now.

I can't wait 'til then.

Anyways, I got to go do some of my homework.

I'll write soon.


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