Dear Diary

{Warning: This may have triggering parts so read at your own risk. This is a 5SOS fanfiction written in 'diary format.'}

Some people tell others their stories, some write them.
Some keep them hidden behind their scars and a book.


4. 5/27/14

Dear Diary,

It's me, of course.

Hah, no one else is here to write for me, so its obviously me.

I'm sorry for being gone for a few days.

Lost track of time and just kind of pushed writing away.

I spent most days listening to my "Sad Songs" playlist on repeat.

The only songs I have on there are:

-Sia - Breathe Me

-Marina and The Diamonds - Teen Idle

-Scary Kids Scaring Kids - Watch Me Bleed

-Hollywood Undead - The Diary

-Hollywood Undead -Outside

That's it, but they all are sad enough to leave me in tears.

I also watched a Polish film, Suicide Room, and a movie called Cyberbully.

Both has me rolling in my tears! But they are great and just amazing. I'd suggest them to my friends.. but I don't have any.


Maybe I should.. try and make an internet friend?

I mean, someone in the same situation, someone who likes the same bands or artists as me, etc. all with the same or close age.

I mean, if I can't make friends 'in real life' how about online?

I'll just go to some chatroom, and start talking.

Wish me luck.






Dear Diary,

I got told to go kill myself.




Who needs friends anyways?


I'm thinking of skipping school tomorrow.


I just can't deal with looking at all the populars who have turned into hipsters.

First they buy from places like Forever 21, Rue 21, Victoria Secret/PINK, DEBS, dELiA*s, American Eagle. Aeropstale, etc.

Now they shop at the Thrift Stores and Goodwills, buying used clothing they think makes them look "out there" and "grungey" which is completely dumb in my book.

They dress up in these clothes that small almost like a mix of chlorine and cheap perfumes, wear dark lipsticks, act all sad and depressed, and usually talk about Tumblr 24/7.

They just, my school is filled with over-hipsterized teen girls who whine about being so sad because their parents won't let them dye their hair crazy colors and drop out to start a punk rock band that would probably wouldn't last a day.

And they act like they L O V E reading! Phssst, knowing most of them they can't spell half of the words they speak, let alone read a single proper sentence.

Because last time I checked, a 20 page Dr. Seuss book for little elementary students isn't considered an actual book for a High School student.

Anyways, I'm getting tired, I haven't been sleeping well lately...

See ya tomorrow, or whenever I write in here again.

Hoping 'it' comes tomorrow.. or sometime soon. I just.. I need IT.



{ A/N: Wowowowow! This is an actual fanfiction I haven't lost interest in yet!(I've been writing more in my notebook and on Microsoft Word) Anyways, expect 'It' to come soon.. what do you think 'it' will be? Tell me in the comments! I'm hoping to keep this story under 30-40 chapters so bear with me here! Haha, don't worry, it'll be kind of short but long enough to get the whole story in c:. -Kassie }

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