Dear Diary

{Warning: This may have triggering parts so read at your own risk. This is a 5SOS fanfiction written in 'diary format.'}

Some people tell others their stories, some write them.
Some keep them hidden behind their scars and a book.


2. 5/22/14

Dear Diary,
Today was horrible. At school, I got punched in the face, kicked in the legs, stomach, and arms, making my last-night cuts sting.
I also got my hair pulled, favorite sweater ripped, and blood from my lip on my leggings and sweater.
Olivia, the “most popular girl in my school,” did it. She HATES me. I don’t get why.
I never did anything to her. But her friends recorded her beating me up, me being defenseless as last night I got NO sleep whatsoever, so I was tired and exhausted and completely out of it. People surrounded us, pulling out their phones or tablets, laughing at pathetic me getting beat to a bloody nothing.
I NEED my miracle ASAP! I’m going to go crazy if I don’t soon. Life is becoming harder and harder and I don’t know how much longer I can listen to the universe’s theory about me waiting for ‘it’.
Ugh, my mom is calling me down. I’ll be right back.
Let’s see how long this whole ordeal with her last.
It’s currently 6:03 P.M.
Wish me luck.

Dear Diary,
It’s now 6:30.
My mom called me down to let me know that she is leaving for 2 months on a business trip.
She got me a credit card and told me it’s for food, transportation, and if I need or want anything else.
Anyways, she’s leaving tomorrow.
So starting tomorrow, I’ll be home alone.
Sigh. I’m always alone, just now it will literally be just me.
Maybe I can invite Logan over so I’ll have my baby to keep me company.
-Rosie 5/22/14

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