Wishes In Wisconsin

These two girls are living there dreams when there crushes ask them out. They thought that it would last and that their lives will never be messed with. That all changes. Aislin hates her dad and Catliyn can't live without Aislin across the street from her.


2. Chapter Two

Chapter Two ~ Aislin’s POV

    Today was the first day of school, and I was really excited. I woke up at exactly five thirty. I started getting ready. I grabbed my favorite light blue sun dress, and my black flats. I wanted this year to go perfectly, and make sure it’s not filled with any drama. I did a neutral make up look, and topped it off my curling my hair. I walked down stairs, and realized that it was time for me to go. I grabbed an apple, and said goodbye to my dad, and three younger sisters. Catliyn was waiting at the end of my driveway. School starts at seven everyday, and since Catliyn and I live a block or two away, we just walked to school together.

  I threw away my apple core, and said goodbye to Catliyn. We parted our ways, and I found my locker. It was on the very end, and I didn’t know who was going to be on my left side. I hope its my crush, Conner Cross. He’s one of the populars, and I don’t think he likes me back. I was almost done grabbing my things for my first few hours, when a male voice spoke from behind me.

  “Is this locker L1345?” He asked.

  I turned and saw Conner standing there.

  “Yeah it is. It looks like your my locker neighbor,” I responded.

  “Yeah. Thanks.”

  I shut my locker, and started walking towards math. I walked into the class, and saw Catliyn sitting by someone else. One of our other friends. She smiled innocently, and I went two rows and to the left, back from her. I started drawing in my spiral. It was my mom in her air force uniform. I heard feet come, and stop by the empty desk next to me.

  “Is this seat taken?”

  “No,” I responded.

  The guy sat down, and I noticed that it was Conner. He smiled, and took out his note book.

  “Who’s that?” He asked.

  “It’s my mom that lives in London. She’s in the air force, and I never get to see her, since my parents divorced when I was in sixth grade,” I responded.

  “Oh...I’m sorry. If it makes you feel any better...my dad doesn’t know that I exist most of the time..”

  “I’m sorry about that too…”

  We had to stop our conversation, because the pledge came on, and then our math teacher started talking to us about what the school year was going to be like. After that Conner and I went our own ways. I didn’t see him until last hour. I have study hall that hour, and the school’s rule’s are, If you are an eighth grader that lives less than ten blocks from the school may leave the school grounds, and go home early. My dad had signed a early release form at school registration saying that I was allowed to come home.

  I went to my locker, and started filling my backpack with all of my homework. I saw that Conner was at his locker too, but with Eva...the school’s most “popular” girl. She’s a brat, and she thinks every guy is her’s. It’s ridiculous, and annoying.

  “So...Conner…” I heard Eva say. “How’s life having a locker next to a loser?”

  “What loser Eva?” Conner shot back.

  “The one that’s to your right. Did you know that her mom left her family because she didn’t love them?”

  That threw me over the edge. I slammed shut my locker, but before I could say anything, Conner stepped in.

  “You know what Eva? Your mom left you! Aislin’s mom left because of her job!”

  “Yeah? So what? What does the losers mom do? Huh? Work at McDonald’s?”

  “No! Actually her mom works for the Air Force in Britain!”

  “I’m assaulting an air force’s daughter? Well I am so NOT sorry!”

  Eva started laughing, and I ran from her. I could hear a locker door slam, and then running foot steps. I had tears running down my face, and I had dropped my backpack somewhere while I was running.

  I started losing my breath so, I took the running to a walk. The running feet were still coming, but I didn’t care. Let the person came at me. It’s not like my life’s ever going to get better.

  “Aislin!” Conner yelled.

  “Conner? Why would he come after me?” I thought.

  I saw him catch up to me, and hand me my backpack. We continued to walked together in silence. I pulled out my phone, and wiped away my smeared makeup. Then Conner whipped out his phone, and he took a picture of me. I didn’t really notice, but then we started taking picture together.

  When we reached my house, I said goodbye to Conner. Catliyn was sitting on my front porch. I unlocked the door, and we walked in. I laid out my homework, but then got a little hungry. I grabbed Catliyn and I some ice cream sandwiches, and then we started on our homework.

  I was almost done with my math, when my phone buzzed. I checked it and saw that I had a text from Avery. Her text said, Check you instagram!! I did as I was told, and saw that Conner had posted a picture of me. It was the first one he took of me. The sun was shining just right, and it was just like a movie almost. I’ve seriously never felt this way about a guy before. Conner put with the picture:

  @Conner_Cross I had a great time walking home with @Aislin_loves_Catliyn! I hope we can do it again!

  A few others commented. There was one from Eva, but then a new comment appeared. It was from Conner. He was protecting me. First at our lockers, and now on instagram. I went to Eva’s page, and block her. I locked my phone, and finished up my homework. I had to stop in the middle of me writing a page about me for AP prep english, because I had to get my little sisters occupied with their homework or whatever they wanted to do. My dad texted my phone, saying that he was going to be working late at the station. My dad’s a police officer, but after my parents separated he knew that if he died, we would have to move to Britain with our mom. I didn’t really want that to happen, so he asked for a desk job, and they kindly gave him one.

  I finished my homework around fiveish, and Alayne asked me what we were having for dinner. I knew that we had some frozen pizza in the freezer, so I grabbed the pizza, and threw it in the oven.

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