Wishes In Wisconsin

These two girls are living there dreams when there crushes ask them out. They thought that it would last and that their lives will never be messed with. That all changes. Aislin hates her dad and Catliyn can't live without Aislin across the street from her.


23. Chapter Twenty-Three

Chapter 23 ~ Catliyn's POV


  Tonight the plan was going into action even though I wasn't fully on board with the 'getting rid of Steven' idea.

  Aislin and Steven had agreed to take their parents out to dinner so we could break them up. I sat at the bar close to the table that the Sanders/Payne's sat at.

  I had found this walkie-talkie app for the iPhones. Steven, Aislin and I all had ours on and set to the same channel.

  I was about to set my part into action until I heard Steven and Aislin yell. I knew that I should wait, because by the looks in their faces it wasn't good.



  About ten minutes later they had ordered and were eating. Everything looked normal. Well as normal as it could get. I decided that it was time.

  "CC to AD, CC to AD. Are we a go?" I said into my phone.

  "AD to CC, AD to CC. Green lights ahead. Green lights ahead." Aislin replied.

  I grabbed the pitcher of water that was next to me on the bar counter. Dressed as a waitress I walked over to the Sanders/Payne table.

  "More water, anyone?" I asked.

  Mr. Sanders nodded and I reached over Mrs. Payne to fill his glass, as planned I spilled the water into his lap.

  "Oh my god!! I'm so sorry sir!" I acted while pretending to fumble with the napkins.

  "No, no. It's fine. I'll just go to the restroom. Excuse me if you please," he said getting up and walking away.

  So far so good! I thought.

  I walked away as Aislin got up "to use the bathroom" and Steven left "to go get his jacket."

  They met me at the front doors. We all agreed that everything was going as planned. Next Steven had to call in his father.



  When Mr. Payne arrived I played waitress again and led him over to where Mrs. Payne sat.

  I walked back over to the from doors and told Aislin and Steven my split up plan. We soon were in all corners of the restaurant filming Mr. And Mrs. Payne. The plan was almost complete. We just had to wait until Mr. and Mrs. Payne started acting up.

  It wasn't long until Mrs. Payne had her fingers tangled in her former husbands hair. He had his arms wound around her waist as she sat in his lap.

  "Baby...this isn't the right place! Mmm. Let's go back to Dan's place and finish this in his bed," Mrs. Payne moaned.

  "Alright. Let me order some champane first," Mr. Payne replied.

  Mrs. Payne gave him one last kiss and slipped off his lap freeding him. No sooner had he reached the bar did Mr. Sanders come back to his fiancé. Mrs. Payne hurriedly excused herself and left to go mess around with her former husband.

  The three of us got up and showed him the videos. We assured him that if he went home right now he would find Mr. And Mrs. Payne drunk and fooling off in his bed.

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