Wishes In Wisconsin

These two girls are living there dreams when there crushes ask them out. They thought that it would last and that their lives will never be messed with. That all changes. Aislin hates her dad and Catliyn can't live without Aislin across the street from her.


27. Chapter Twenty-Seven

Chapter 27 ~ Catliyn’s POV

  Aislin left a few hours ago. It was very hard for Steven and I. For two reasons, one my best friend was leaving and two, we were with Mr. Sanders and Mrs. Payne and the triplets so we couldn't hold each other or comfort each other.

  I went over to Aislins house later that night to be with Steven. Of course we had to watch the triplets but that was no big deal, they were already fed and tucked in bed thanks to Steven.

  We went downstairs to the home movie theater. I picked out the movie and Steven made popcorn and got us drinks. I started the movie and sat down on the couch. Steven came with two drinks and a bowl of popcorn and sat next to me. He put his arm around me and I snuggled into him.

  "I'm sorry about Aislin," he murmured.

  "There was nothing you could've done," I replied.

  "Yes there was. I could've done a lot of things! I could've worked harder at breaking up the parents! And providing for the triplets! I could've stood up for Aislin."

   "By the time it was for her to leave she was going to get away from her dad not because of your moms wishes. She wanted to make her dad feel guilty. Do you know hard it was for her to leave dispite the fact that she was leaving for her own dad's good and..."

  Steven leand in and pressed a kiss to my lips.

  "Shhh....I know. Now, the movies starting," he whispered.

  I snuggled back up against him adm watched the movie.




  The movie was almost over when Alhana came down.

  "Steven...are you down here?" She called.

  "I'm right here pumpkin and so is Caitlyn," he answered.

  "Well...um...can you come upstairs." She sounded worried, and Steven picked up on it. He ran up the stairs. I was right on his heels.

  We ran into the triplets room and found Alyane covered in puke. She was shivering up and down and crying.

  "Oh, sweetheart!" I said, "Steven, dear could you please get new sheets on the bed while I take Alyane and get her cleaned up?"

  "Of course."

  Steven left to get new sheets while I scooped up Alyane and cairred her into the bathroom. I started filling up the bath tub with water and peeled off her clothes. I placed her in the tub and started giving her a bath.

  Once she was washed, dried and in new pajamas I cairred her back into her room. Steven had changed the sheets sprayed the room with disinfect and air freshener. He had also placed a bucket at the side of Alyanes bed. There were a stack of new sheets and lots of blankets next to the bed. I placed Alyane in her bed and tucked her in. I spread a few more blankets onto of her comforter. Once she was asleep I went to find Steven.

  When I found him he told me that he had tucked in the other girls in Aislins bed. I told him that the triplets were very lucky to have him here for them. He just nodded in agreement like he didn't believe me.

  "Cate, will you stay the night?" He asked.

  "Steven. The parents-"

  "Won't even notice. Please, Cate. I don't think I can handle being alone with a sick kid. I know that you're only a text or call away and can just run across the yard, but I need you hear."

  "I know. I'll stay but where will I sleep?"

  "In my bed. With me. But not like that. It's a queen so it'll fit the two if us. And I promise not to invade your space."

  So with that I agreed and we went to bed. I grabbed some of Aislins PJs and changed into them.





  When Mr. Sanders walked into the kitchen the next morning I yelled at him. I yelled and him about Aislin and Alyane and Mrs. Payne. I was just driving into him, ripping him apart. Tearing him down. And it felt good. I know it wasn't a very nice or good thing to do but I felt so good. I even dropped in a few swears here and there. When I was finished I walked out the door like a model on a runway.

  "Cate! Wait!" Steven yelled wrapping his arms around my waist. I turned around in his arms facing him. We kissed.

  "Yes?" I asked.

  "That's all, and I wanted to thank you for last night. And this morning. But you might need to stay. Mr. Sanders is pretty torn up."

  "Sorry, but I don't think I should go back. I'll come if it's a big emergency but I think you can handle it."

  We kissed again and then he let me go.

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