Wishes In Wisconsin

These two girls are living there dreams when there crushes ask them out. They thought that it would last and that their lives will never be messed with. That all changes. Aislin hates her dad and Catliyn can't live without Aislin across the street from her.


12. Chapter Twelve

Chapter 12 ~ Aislins POV

I was still upset that Steven kissed my best friend. I hope that she doesn't fall under his dirty little spell. I fell under it and now Caitlyn is going to...I have to stop her from falling into his spell. I started texting Conner and told him what's been on my mind. I didn't tell him about what happened between Steven and Catliyn. I didn't really want to keep it to myself...but I knew that I'd have to tell him sometime soon.

Text message from Conner❤️ received at 12:30pm:

R u sure tht's all u need to tell me?

I responded:


Text message from Conner❤️ received at 12:31pm

U sure?


Text message from Conner❤️ received at 12:35pm

U can tell me if u want...I won't tell anyone

I responded:

So...Steven kissed Catliyn and Catliyn didn't like it. She pushed him away and said that she had a boyfriend but he didn't care. Now he's trying to drag her into his little game.

Text message from Conner❤️ received at 12:40pm

Oh...but u still have to live with him right?

I responded:

Yeah...unless we break up our parents but I doubt it

Text message from Conner❤️ received at 12:43pm

Yeah...I won't tell Joe and u should talk to Catliyn tonight about telling Joe

I responded:

Yeah...I'll talk to her when she's out of school. Aren't you suppose to be heading to school?

Test message from Conner❤️ received at 12:50pm

Yeah, I'm leaving now. Love u

Love u too! Bye!

I set down my phone and started on some more homework. I've been in London for about a week and I haven't been able to explore.

I was working on my math when the doorbell rang. I ran down the flights of stairs and looked through the peep hole. I saw five guys standing there. I opened the door and saw my five idols. One Direction was standing in front of me.

"Can we come in for a little but love? We're trying to hide from fans," Liam asked.

"Yeah yeah...sure...just warning you I'm a fan but not one that would chase you down the street," I responded.

I let them sit on the couch and watch some telly. I ran back upstairs and grabbed my math. I then noticed that Catliyn was skyping me. It was around seven thirty here and one thirty there.

"Hey...I kind if have company. I can talk for like ten minutes."

"Okay...I haven't told Joe yet..." Catliyn responded.

"Conner knows...I'm sorry he said he wouldn't tell anyone! You have to talk to Joe about Steven and say how you didn't like it and told him that you have a boyfriend."

"Okay I will...I'll call Joe and meet up with him. Then text you what happened. Bye!"

I went back downstairs and my mom was home. I explained everything to her and then the boys manager came to get them. I said goodbye and then some how all of their numbers were in phone.

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