Wishes In Wisconsin

These two girls are living there dreams when there crushes ask them out. They thought that it would last and that their lives will never be messed with. That all changes. Aislin hates her dad and Catliyn can't live without Aislin across the street from her.


35. Chapter Thirty-Five

Chapter 35  
Catliyn's POV

   Today's the wedding. This is the day it either all come crashing down or Steven becomes part of the Sanders for life, the day that Steven and I announce our relationship in front of everyone. 
   "Aislinn! Wake-y, wake-y! It's the day of the wedding!" 
   Aislinn groaned and rolled over. Right before she opened her eyes I ran over and kneeled down in front of her so I was really close to her face. I smiled like a creeper and..
    "Waking up my best friend so we can go get our hair done, duh. What else would I be doing?" 
   "Not trying to give your best friend a heart attack the day of her fathers wedding!" 
   "Hey I got you up didn't I?" 
   She gave me the death glare. I turned around and started walking out the door. 
   "There's pancakes ready when you come down! I made them special!" 
    I left Aislinn to get ready to go and went down stairs to my boyfriend and the triplets. I saw Steven giving the triplets each another pancake and getting two for himself. 
   "Guys save some for Aislinn," I laughed. 
   "Don't worry there's plenty left," Steven said coming over and kissing me. 
   "Mm, syrup," I giggled when we broke apart. 
   At that point Aislinn came down and into the kitchen. She saw Steven and the girls and looked happily surprised. 
   "Steven, girls? What are you doing here?" 
   "Eating pancakes," Alyane answered. 
   "Want some?" Steven asked putting a few on her plate. 
   We finished up breakfast and got in the car to drive to the salon. Yesterday we came and got our nails done. Today we're getting our hair and make up done. We walked in and I saw Chris at the front desk. 
   "Hey Chris," I said walking up to the desk. 
   "Hello, Jackie and Malissa will the ready in just a few minutes, can I get you something to drink?" 
   "Um an ice tea with lemon please," I said 
   "Make that two," Aislinn said. 
   We sat down and talked until Jackie and Malissa came out to get us. They led us back to the special chairs where they do hair for weddings. 
   We sat down and they put the capes over us. They then started curling our hair, next they pined it up in a half pony. They sprayed it with hairspray and we could go get our make up done. 
   I led Aislinn over to the make up area where we saw Mandy. 
   "Cate! Look at how pretty you are! Both of you! With the little bit of make up you're going to be the most stunning women at the wedding. I still can't believe that you sat in this chair to get your make up lesson with me when you were thirteen and now a wedding make up!" 
   Mandy is a little bit of a chatter box but I've know her since I was a baby so I don't mind. I motioned for Aislinn to go first. She hopped up into the chair and Mandy started working her magic. 
   When we were both done we had matching darkish brown eye shadow, very light tinted cheeks, eye liner, mascara, and red lip stick. 
    I payed at the front desk have everyone a tip and we left to go back to my house to get ready. Everyone who was in the wedding was getting dressed at the church but we decided that we didn't want to be near Ms. Payne and she didn't want to be near us. 
   We ran up to my room and pulled on our dresses. Mind reached just above mid-thigh and Aislinns reached a little lower than mid-thigh. I pulled out my shoes and put them on tying a nice little bow. I grabbed my navy blue glittered clutch and checked my reflection in the full length mirror. Aislinn grabbed her clutch and looked me up and down. Surprisingly she didn't as horrified or mother like as I thought she would be when she saw my dress length and shoe choice. 
   We took a few pictures and got in the car. We drove to the church and found our seats in the clearing near the church where the wedding would take place. We where soon joined by Steven, Kai, and the triplets.
   Mr. Sanders took his place at the front and Ms. Payne and the bridesmaids took there place at the back. 
   The bridesmaids started walking down the isle with the groomsmen. Next the maid of honor and the best man walked down together. The best man took his place next to Mr. Sanders and the maid of honor took her place where Ms. Payne would stand. 
   The music started and as much as I didn't want to we stood for the bride and she walked down the isle. I have to say for a woman who I knew I wanted and do hate she looked very pretty and all of the sudden I didn't want to ruin the wedding. 
   Stevens POV: I was glad I had told my dad the wrong date of the wedding so that he wouldn't come. I realized that my mom really wanted this and as much as a crazy woman that she was she had found love again and was happy. 
   I looked over at Aislinn and Cate and could tell that they didn't want to ruin it either. But sadly at that point my dad came running down the isle shouting: "it's mine! It's mine!" I jumped out in front of him placing my hands on his shoulders trying to stop him. 
   "What's yours?!" I shouted back. He restled out of my grip and ran up to my mom. He knelt down infront of her and wrapped his arms around her very large belly. 
   "This it's mine! That's my child in there!" Then he began kissing all over her belly and then her lips. 
    My mom pushed him away. 
   "What are you doing?! Are you crazy?! This baby is not yours!" She hissed. 
   "Oh yes it is! You told me the last time I was over." 
   "We were drunk you idiot! I know it's Dans!" 
   "Then how come when we went to go get a genetics test it said to was mine?" 
   At that point I was pissed into another universe. I stormed up to him and led him back down the isle and told him to leave. I told him that he had lost her and me as well and that he should go do something with his life instead of waiting it away on someone who wasn't interested anymore. 
   When I walked back I saw my mom and now my dad kissing. I am now a Sander. 


Caitlyn's POV: 
   I was over at the desert table at the reception when I felt an arm slither around my waist. 
   "You look, wow," the voice said. 
   "Thank you, so do you," I said turning around and tilting my head up to look at Steven. 
   "You ready?" 
   Steven grabbed my hand and we walked over to the middle of the room. Steven grabbed the microphone from the band. 
   "Attention, attention! May I have your attention please?" Steven said 
   Everyone became sighlent and turned to look at us. 
   "Thank you. I have an announce ment to make. When my mom first told me that she had found a boyfriend I never thought it would be Aislinns dad. I never thought I'd have to stop being a jerk. And I realized all theses things thanks to this one very special girl that's very close and and dear to my heart, and that girl is this beautiful girl standing next to me. Without her I wouldn't have become a brotherly figure to the triplets and Aislinn. I wouldn't have become friends with her or Aislinn either. I consider myself very lucky to have her in my life and will do everything I can to keep her there. So by now you've probably figured out tha she means more to me than friend. Without further ado, my I introduce my girlfriend, Caitlyn Crystal Robbins!"  
   I smiled brighter than I had any day of my life. He put his arm around my waist and pulled me close. I smiled and him and he smiled at me before he brought his lips down onto mine. 

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