Wishes In Wisconsin

These two girls are living there dreams when there crushes ask them out. They thought that it would last and that their lives will never be messed with. That all changes. Aislin hates her dad and Catliyn can't live without Aislin across the street from her.


4. Chapter Four

Chapter 4 ~ Aislin’s POV

    After I came home from school, a few days after school started, my dad told us that we were going out to dinner tonight. Alayne, Alhana, Allyn, and I didn’t know why, but we scrambled to finish our homework, and then get ready. I decided on wearing dark washed skinny jeans, a blue shirt with holes in the sleeves, and my brown boots. I straightened my hair, and fixed my makeup. It was about four thirtyish when I was ready. I hopped onto instagram and checked my feed. There was nothing new, but by that time my dad was calling me. I ran down the stairs, and saw that everyone was piling into the car. I hopped into the front seat, and my dad took off.

We arrived at Victoria’s Italian Cuisine. I didn’t know why we are here, but I do know that it’s an extremely expensive restaurant. We walked up to the front desk area, and the waiter asked how many.

“Reservation for Sanders for seven,” my dad said.

“Dad why seven?” I asked.

“You’ll find out soon.”

We sat down, and ordered some drinks. I already knew what I wanted, and I help out the girls with their orders. I then saw my ex crush walking towards us. They didn’t have a waiter or anything. His mom said hello to my dad, and he kissed her cheek. They started having a conversation, and I was stuck sitting next to Steven. Alhana was trying to get my dad’s attention, to show him something that she did on her kids menu. Let me tell you, my little sisters are triplets, and they’re in the second grade. They don’t know what my dad’s doing at this moment...but I do.

“Daddy...Daddy…” Alhana was saying softly, but then she got louder, and dad still didn’t hear her.

“Dad!” I finally said.

He turned, and looked at me. More like a glare.

“Alhana wants to show you something.”

He looked and smiled, but then turned his attention back to Steven’s mom. Our waiter came back, and we ordered. A few minutes later, my dad got up from his seat, and kneeled down on the ground.

“Laila Payne...I love you, and ever since I met you...I haven’t been able to look at another women except you. Will you marry me?” My dad said.

“Yes!” Ms. Payne responded.

My jaw dropped. When did my dad meet her? I mean...he hasn’t been able to go out with another women ever since him and mom divorced. I looked at Steven, and he was as shocked as I was. They both sat back down, and I decided to ask when did they start dating.

“Dad...when did you start going out with Steven’s mom?” I asked.

“Oh! You know Steven?” Steven’s mom said.

“Yeah mom...we go to school together. I told you this on the way here,” Steven said.

“Aislin we started dating about a year. We met when I went to go talk to Steven about breaking your heart. But when I saw his mom...I fell in love,” my dad told us.

“And when were you going to tell me this dad?”

“I was going to tell you earlier, but I had to stay late at work.”

Then our food came, and the conversation ended. I started eat my spaghetti, and then I had to help the triplets eat there spaghetti with no sauce. I was almost done, when ms. Payne decided to open her mouth.

“Dan...Why is your oldest daughter so rude?” She tried to whisper.

“You want to know something ms. Payne?” I said, standing up. “You’re the one who is being rude, and I didn’t even know what was going on in my own father’s life!”

After that Steven let me through, and I walked out of the restaurant. I sat there for about five minutes before I heard the door open. Steven sat down next to me, and we just sat there in silence. I didn’t want to have a stepfamily. I know my mom said that I could come and live with her if I wanted. I could, but only for a few weeks. Then the door opened again.

“Aislin..we’re going home. Come on,” I heard my dad say.

I got up, and walked to the car without a word.



A few days later…

I have been happier than before these past few days. Conner asked me out, and it was the best thing that has happened. My dad also told me that ms. Payne and Steven are moving in, in a couple of weeks. I wasn’t looking forward to living with his family. My dad thought it was a good idea, if we went out to dinner with Catliyn’s family. I was happy that Catliyn was going to be there, but we're still stuck with Steven and his mom.

"Aislin! Are you ready?" My dad yelled.

"Yeah dad! I'll be right down!" I responded.

Conner was telling me that he was going to out to eat tonight too. I really hope that Conner was going to the same restaurant that I was going to. I was getting into the front seat, when I got a ton of text messages. Some were from Conner, and the others were from Catliyn. Catliyn was just saying that she didn't want to go out to dinner with Steven, but just needed to talk to me.

  We arrived at Victoria's Italian Cuisine. Big shock that we were coming here. Catliyn and her parents were waiting at two separate tables. The kids would sit at one, while the adults sat at the other.

  We were mid way through our meal, when someone shriek. We all turned and looked. Catliyn's mom had a horrid look in her face, and her dad...well I can't explain it. My dad and ms. Payne were making out in a restaurant. I threw down my napkin, and stormed out if the restaurant. I walked past a family that was telling the waiter about there reservation. I didn't look to see who it was, but I did know that I think the son came out, and sat by me. He wrapped his arm around me, and I realised that it was Conner. I turned, and hugged him. I felt him kiss my head, and we just sat there for a good ten minutes. Catliyn joined, and then Steven told us to come back in. But I didn't want to go back in. I said goodbye to Conner, and faced Stevens mom and my dad.

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