Wishes In Wisconsin

These two girls are living there dreams when there crushes ask them out. They thought that it would last and that their lives will never be messed with. That all changes. Aislin hates her dad and Catliyn can't live without Aislin across the street from her.


5. Chapter Five

Chapter 5 
Catliyn's POV
   A few days ago Aislins dad asked Ms. Payne to marry him. Of course she said yes. I feel bad for Aislin but my parents are so happy for Mr. Sanders and Ms. Payne. My parents decided to celabrate the engament both of our families would go out to dinner. 
   I set down my curling iron and unplugged it. I wasn't looking forward to the dinner but a should always look her best since she doesn't know who she'll see. I walked into my room and did my make up, then I lightly sprayed myself with my perfume and pulled on my ankle boots over my skinny jeans. I walked down the stairs and placed my sunglasses on my head like a headband. Since it was still pretty warm but got a little chilly at night I slipped in my jean jacket and walked out to the car. 
   We arrived at Victoria's Italian Cuisine. I jumped down from my dads Ford Explorer and walked into the restaurant like I owned it, like I do every place. I waited for the rest I my family and my dad told the hostess our reservations. 
   I followed the waitress to our tables. 
   "This is the table for the kids. And here are the menus for them," the waitress said placing the menus down, "And if you'll follow me ill show u the table where the adults will be sitting at." 
   "Caitlyn, you and Laura sit here and wait for the Sanders," my dad said. 
   "Ok," I said. 
   I sat down and saw Joe walk into the restaurant. I opened my menu and pretend to be busy looking at the menu and ignore him, when I was really watching him. 
   He caught me eye motioned to the back of the restaurant by the bathrooms where neither of our parents would see us. I told Laura that I was going to the bathroom and got up and walked over to the bathroom. 
   Joe shortly joined me. He placed his hands around my shoulders and wrapped me in a hug. I breathed in his cologne. 
   "You smell lovely," Joe said. He must've smelled my perfume. I didn't know I had out that much on. 
   "Um...thanks," I replied. 
   "That was kind of a weird thing to say wasn't it?" He asked pulling out of the hug and smiling. 
   "Kind of. But you smell good too." 
   He smiled and laughed. 
   We talked for a few more minutes. I saw Aislin and her family and step family walk in and I told Joe that I had to go. I have him another quick hug and hurried back to the table and say down just before the waitress showed Aislin and the rest of them to the table. 
   We ordered and were about halfway through the meal when I heard a shriek. I looked over to see my parents reaction and saw Mr. Sanders and Ms. Payne making out. My mother looked horrified and my dad...I couldn't tell what he was thinking and I think he was deciding too. 
   I went to see what Aislins reaction was and she was storming out the door. I saw that Connor was at the front desk with his family. Connor saw Aislin and I knew that he would go and comfort her. I made a quick eye contact with Joe and went back to my dinner. 
    A few minutes later Aislin joined us just in time for dessert. We spent the rest of the evening ignoring what happened. 
   We were getting ready to leave when I looked at Joe and he made a 'call me' sign. I nodded and we left. 

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