Living With Friends

This is a story of how a girl wonders her way into peoples lives with a curse to give to a friend and she cant but Will She Curse Her Friend Or Not?


3. At Home

.Alice is mad and is going home to her mom. She is mad because this girl named Riley Beckorman  had put fake blood in her locker so when she opened her locker it spilled on her. She could have got her back but then her body would have Been frozen and then they would have know she was different. Alice has reached home and asked her "When did you get this curse?" Alice's mom said"  When I was just about your age." Alice said " How did you stop from getting mad and taking over there body?" I just had to believe in myself And say it is over and when I was done everyone else was gone. Alice it's all about your own choices "Ok." Alice had left and figured how to calm herself .


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