The necklace

When proper Jade's necklace grows searing hot when she gets near reckless Andy, and his likewise, will they be able to keep their hands off of each other?


3. Chapter Two

I wake to cold water being gently splashed on my face. Hovering over me is a boy in a state of distress. He has sandy brown hair and these deep green eyes I could just get lost in.

" Are you okay? You looks like you hit your head pretty hard," he asks me.

" I'm perfectly fine. I believe we're not acquainted. My name is Jade and yours is...?"

" Andy, my name is Andy. Do you want help up?" he asks and helps me up anyways.

" Well, Andy, thank you for your concern, but I can handle myself just fine," I reply as I gently wipe and straighten my dress out. As I walk away Andy grabs my elbow to stop me. My necklace grows painfully hot. I look at him and think he can't be the one can he? No. Definitely not. He's too... audacious. But is there a chance I wonder.

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