The necklace

When proper Jade's necklace grows searing hot when she gets near reckless Andy, and his likewise, will they be able to keep their hands off of each other?


8. Chapter 4

I can't stop thinking of last night's party. I quickly grab my phone and send a text to Carly.

"Hey, do you know an Andy?"

"No. Why? Was he at the party? Wait. Was he The One?" She fires back quickly.

"Because my necklace burnt my skin and yes he was at the party," I text back. My phone rings and I look at the caller I.D. Andy?! When did he get my phone to save his number? I answer it and say,"Hello?"

"Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to get coffee?" He asks, his voice husky.

"Sure. I guess," I reply.


Author's Note: I lost track of time so I didn't update like I said I would. Sorry.

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