Bus 370

Laura and Luke are best friends. They have been forever- but when they start high school and she gets closer to his best friend, Ashton?


1. chapter 1 ♡


Laura's POV


My alarm clock buzzes on my bedside table, waking me up. I hit the alarm off, and roll out of bed. It's finally the day I've been dreading... the first day of high school. At least I'll have Luke... he's my best friend, I've known him forever, I trust him with everything. He's my neighbor, so we're zoned for the same school.

I slowly get ready, getting on my shoes and pulling my straight brown hair back into a ponytail. I head downstairs and eat breakfast with my parents before Luke comes. We decided we'd go to school together, since that way we'd know someone on the bus we have to ride. Bus number 370.

I put my cereal bowl into the sink and the doorbell rings. My mom invites Luke inside as I get my new backpack, we say our goodbyes, and head out the door to our new bus stop. Welcome to hell, aka high school...

We get almost to the bus stop and notice Ashton is standing at our stop.

"Is that... Ashton? Like Ashton-from-your-band Ashton?" I ask Luke.

"Oh yeah, I guess it is. Hey Ashton!" Luke calls to him, making Ashton turn and wave.

We head over and stand with him at the stop, waiting for the bus.

"Hey Luke!" Ashton says, hugging him. "Who's this?" he asks, looking at me.

"Oh, right you haven't met! Laura, this is Ashton; Ashton, this is Laura." Luke says.

"Hi Laura, nice to meet you." Ashton says, smiling. He has a cute smile, to match his cute personality and his looks and just everything.

"Laura Ballinger?" my homeroom teacher calls.

"Here." I say, looking up.

"Luke Hemmings?" she calls.

"Here." Luke says, sliding down in his chair a bit.

"Ashton Irwin?" she calls.

"Here!" Ashton replies cheerfully.

She continues calling everyone else's name until she gets to the end of the role.

"Okay everyone, you were assigned to read Fahrenheit 451 over the summer, and I hope everyone did because you will be split into pairs to work on a project. I'll pair you up so don't get excited yet." Our english teacher, Mrs. Mellet says.

"Lets see... Luke, you'll be paired with Emily." she says.

Bummer. I wanted to work with Luke, but I'm sure I'll get someone good.

"Laura, you'll be paired with... Ashton." she says.

Ashton and I both look at eachother and smile. This'll be great, I can already tell.

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