Can You See Me?


3. Chapter 3

     I grabbed my phone and pulled up 'new text' under Hannah's name. I want to surprise her with going on tour with One Direction, and meeting them at McDonalds. So, so I am going to ask her if she wants to hang, and go out to eat tomorrow at 5:00.


   'hey u want 2 hang tmrw at 5? xxMells'


  'Sorry, can't! I have work tomorrow at 4 until 10! Hannah' Well crap! That ruins the surprise!


  'uh it's important!! xxMells'


  'What do you mean? Hannah'


 ' One Direction important!! xxMells' Now I'm sad, I ruined the surprise! But if it gets her there, it's worth it!


  'What? OMG!! I am sooo quitting this job! I'll be there :)! Hannah' I laughed at her response. I guess I'm not as sad as I thought I would be... Ha!


 'ha ok thx so much luv ya xxMells'


  'You too! Hannah'


  I put my phone on the charger, went to the bathroom, and looked into the mirror. I've been through soo much today. First, getting bullied, then it stops because I stood up for myself... like I said I would at the beginning of the day. Then, One Direction calls saying Hannah and I get to go on tour with them!


                 Game Changer!


   I walked up to my locker when I saw Amanda standing there. I grabbed my books for algebra the turned towards her. She smiled at me then quickly walked away. That's odd. I'm glad the dirty looks and mean comments have stopped... but she smiled at me?


   I slowly started walking to class. I sat down in my usual spot, next to Timothy Hanson, and started taking notes.




    I walked out of the lunch room, happy there was no arguing with Amanda. I was surprised that Amanda actually sat next to me... and was nice?


  I felt a tap on my shoulder.


  "Ya?' I asked turning around and finding out it was Amanda.


  "Hey, I just wanted to say i'm sorry. Sorry for being a jerk to you, and trying to ruin your life... I was just jealous." Amanda said making eye contact.


  "Why were you jealous?" I asked in a bratty tone.


  "I was jealous of... how nice and pretty you are, but anyway. I'm sorry!" she said tuning around. "I forgive you!" I said while smiling. I turned around and walked to my locker.


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