Can You See Me?


2. Chapter 2


       I walked into my apartment and sat in the couch thinking about what happened today in Mrs. Buck's room.



       "Hey Mrs. Buck." I said not bothering to smile. She looked up from the paperwork on her desk.


    "Hello Melody!" Mrs. Buck said with a huge smile on her face. Then she saw my facial expression. "Melody dear, what's wrong?" She asked automatically worried, gesturing for me to sit down.


     "Amanda's the problem, she literally tried pushing me down in the hallway. She ruins my day, every day!" I said taking the chair next to Mrs. Buck.


    "Hey its going to be OK, stand up for yourself! I don't mean, turn into the bully and sink to her level! I mean tell her to stop! You can do whatever you set your mind to, and more! so come on. Stand up!" she said grabbing my hand and pulling me up.


   "OK, now believe in yourself and stand up for yourself, and you can save other people from getting bullied too!" She said giving me a hug and pushing me towards the door.


   "OK, I will!" I laughed. "Thank you Mrs. Buck."


   "No Problem kid!" She said closing the door.




   I laughed thinking about  out conversation. My mind then wandered to lunch, and how proud Mrs. Buck looked when she heard about it.




    I grabbed my tray from the table and walked over to throw my trash away when Amanda came over and 'Bumped into me' pouring her drink down my shirt.



   "Oops!" She laughed then turned around to walk away.



   "No 'oops'. You need tot stay away from me and my friends! And, stop treating everyone like crap! You know you don't really have any friends? The only reason they do what you say is so they don't get treated like crap also! Stop trying to ruin my life, cause its not working, so just STOP!" I yelled getting a whole bunch of ooooohhhhs from around the room. She looked at me with disbelief.



    "NO-uh... um... UGH!" Amanda Screamed running out of the room.



    "Go Melody!" Someone shouted. Everyone when crazy! Jesica grabbed my hand and pulled me back to the table with the rest of my friends.




   My phone rung and I picked it up.


 "Hello?" I asked not knowing the number that called.


  "Hi, is this Melody Cane?"


  "Yes, May I ask who this is?" I recognized the voice from somewhere.


  "Uh, I'm Liam Payne." He said and I froze in shock and disbelief.


   "Prove it." Was all I managed to get out of my mouth... The first time I am at a loss of words.


  "Uh, Niall help me out here!" I heard 'Liam' say.


  "Hello Love." I hear a thick Irish accent say.


   "N-Niall" I asked unsure of myself.


   "This is him." He said making me laugh.


  "Prove it's actually you." I said being stubborn like my usual self.


  "How?" I grinned wildly.


  "Say 'potato'." I said simply.


  "Potato." Niall's iris accent rung through my ears. I froze. Oh my gosh, I spoke to Liam Payne, and Niall Horan! I'm freaking out AAAAAAHHHHH!


   "Hello?" a different voice asked. Wait, is this on speaker?


 "Is the phone on speaker?" I asked waiting for an answer.


  "Yep. Why?" The same voice asked. Is this Zayn?


  "Explains why this goes from Liam, To Niall, and then to you... is this Zayn?"


  Yep." He answered simply.


  "OK, What did you guys call for?" I asked pacing the room so I don't go all fan girl on them.


  "OK Love, we called because you won the concert tickets,"




  "You get to come on tour with us and the other person your taking!"

  Louis, Liam, then Harry said. I finally Proses what they were saying, when Niall spoke.


  " Meet us at McDonalds Tomorrow, 5:30. ok?"




  "BYE!" everyone yelled through the phone.


 "Bye." I said, my ears recovering from there shouts. When the call ended I looked at my hands. Now it's time to fan girl!   





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