Can You See Me?


1. Chapter 1


  I slammed my hand down on the off button of my alarm. Ugh, another day of school! I am tired of Amanda and her little rats torturing me! I am DONE. She has done way too much to me and my friends! Today is the day... where I, Melody Cane, WILL stand up for my friends, and myself!


  I pulled my aching body out of my small twin sized bed. Slowly I stumbled to the bathroom and looked into the mirror.


  "Gosh, I look terrible." I mumbled sleepily looking at the bags under my eyes and the crazed hair on top of my head.


   I closed the door then turned the warm water on in the shower. I stripped from my pajamas and stepped in.


  The hot water undid the knots in my back and woke me up fully from my slumber. I squeezed the shampoo bottle, oozing the liquid substance into my palm, forming a small puddle


  I lathered it into my long brown hair digging at my scalp desperate to have a clean head of hair. I rinsed my hair, then grabbed the conditioner and scrubbed my hair. Taking my razor I shaved the stubbles off of my legs making them smooth. 


   I picked up my body wash and rubbed it onto my body, then rinsing it off along with my hair. Once I knew that there was no more conditioner in my hair I shut the water of and grabbed my towel. I dried my legs of then stepped out of the shower and wrapped the towel around my body.


   I then rushed to my room desperate to get out of the cold. I put on my black V-neck and my faded blue jeans then looked into the mirror in the bathroom.


  I grabbed my blue paddle brush and brushed my wet wavy hair. I turned on my blow drier and dried my hair and then walked down the hall to the living room.

  I slid my black converses on, grabbed my bag, and walked out the door.



   "Hey Mark!" I said with a smile as I saw Mark come out of his house. He smiled and rushed to catch up with me.

"Hey, what's up?" Mark asked nudging me in the side with his elbow.


  "Nothing... You know that science project nobody has done?" I asked as we walked along the sidewalk.

  "Yep, what about it?"


  "I have it done!" I boasted with a proud smile on my face. He froze, shock clear on his face. I laughed and turned back around to start walking when I jumped because Hannah was behind me.


 " Gosh Hanna! You scared me!" I yelled at her and then started walking again. she giggled then linked arms with me.


 "So... I can't take it anymore! Did you when them?!? Did you when them?!? Hannah screamed.


 "Whoa Hannah! What are you talking about?" Mar asked completely confused. The tickets! Oh my gosh, I totally forgot! The One Direction Competition!


  "Oh my gosh, I completely forgot they were announcing who won today! I'll have to check my phone when I get home! Sorry!" I said hitting myself in the with my palm


 "What are you guys talking about? Hello? Yoo-hoo!" Mark shouted getting out attention.


 "One Direction. I entered a contest to get tickets to their concert here, this Friday. Front row center!" I said, explaining what we are talking about.


  "Ok, that's all I needed to know! See ya!" He laughed while walking into his friends house.


   "See ya!" Hannah yelled back and ran to me from where she stopped.  Oh Hannah and her crushes...


  "I know you like him!" I laughed.


  "I do NOT!" She yelled spinning me around to face her. she actually looked disgusted. OK... I guess I'm wrong! She scares me when she gets mad!


   "OK! You do NOT like him!" I said turning and walking towards the school that has finally coming into view.


  "Thank you!" she mumbled and walked towards our friend Jesica's house and walked inside.


   Why does she have to be the one that's short tempered? I like her, but not when she's mad!


  I walked into Milliard High wanting nothing but piece in quiet but found Amanda pushing me making me stumble.


  NOT right now melody, at lunch! Just walk away! I looked at her and saw her and saw her smirk. Then I walked down the hall to my only safe place, Mrs. Bucks room.

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