Sharing Maring is different. She is unique. When she finds out magic exists will she embrace it, or will she crumble to pieces.

©copyright 2014 cromwellsisters


1. chapter one

Sharine's POV

I'm just chilling on the mini couch in my room while reading my favorite book the fault in our stars. I love this book because it's just so sweet and romantic. Right when I get to chapter 12, my cell phone rings.

"Hello?" I ask.

"You are special young child. Embrace your magnificent gifts within yourself. Good luck and goodbye" replied the strange woman.

Who was that woman? And what "gifts" did I have? It must have been a prank call. People these days seem to love prank calling others. Yet how did she know my phone number? I had my cell number specially designed as the words "Sharine-Queen". I made it really unique to prevent dumb prank calls.

I figured that it wouldn't happen again, yet I had a creepy feeling that it would, so I blocked the unknown caller from ever calling again.

I finally was able to get back to reading my book again. Then I suddenly got very chilly, so I close my bedroom window since I had it open earlier. That's feels much better. Since I was in the mood, I turned on the tv and watched a new episode of "bones". Then I heard a knock on my front door, since it was right down the hall I heard it pretty clearly. I went to answer the door since both my parents were at work.

When I answered it there was nothing but a small package. I brought it inside and opened it with some small, teal scissors. They're my favorite pair of scissors. When I opened it there was a...



Hiya, left you guys on a cliff hanger didn't I? Sorry this chapter was super short. I promise I'll update tomorrow.


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