bloody danger

When melonie and carol's best friend goes missing, a strange person kidnaps her and her best friend, what will they do to keep their lives? What will she do, and will she win this battle?


1. chapter one

Melonie's POV

Hey, my name is melonie, I'm 15, and I love the color neon purple. Yep, that's right, that's a color. My favorite animal is a panda. I mean, come on they're just soooo cute! My hair is a ash blonde, and my eyes are a light hazel with a yellow ring around my pupel. I get lots of complements on my eyes.

I just bought this great new movie, the witches curse, and I'm absolutely loving it. I'll guess I'll call my two besties, Carol and Veronica.

Phone call with carol:

Carol: hey girl, what's up?

Melonie: I was wondering if you wanted to come over and watch this new movie called the witches curse. I'm also inviting Veronica over.

Carol: oooo, be right over!

Melonie: cool see you soon.

Carol: see you!

Phone call ends

Phone call with Veronica:

Veronica's mom: hello?

Melonie: hi Mrs. Mare, is Veronica there?

Veronica's mom: I'm sorry, but no she isn't. In fact we haven't seen her in two and a half days. I reported her missing last night.

Melonie: oh my god! If I see her I'll call you guys.

Veronica's mom: okay, thank you for calling Mel.

There is a knock on the front door.

Melonie: coming!

Carol: hey Mel! Where's that movie?

Melonie: listen, carol, I need to tell you something.

Carol: oh no, what is it? Did you forget the popcorn?

Melonie: oh, definitely not. I had to tell you that Veronica is... missing.

Carol: are you serious?!

Melonie: completely serious. I just got off the phone with her mom.

Carol: oh my gosh! What do you think happened?

Melonie: I don't know my guess is that she is with some hot guy that she met.

Carol: mel, I don't know, I don't think she would just do that.

Melonie: I think your right. Let's get our minds off of it and watch the movie.

Carol: good idea.

An hour and a half later...

Melonie: hang on I got a text.

Carol: is it Veronica?

Melonie: no, it's from an unknown number.

Carol: what does it say?

Melonie: (reads message)

"So your friend is missing? Better watch your back sweet heart or you might be next."

Oh nothing just a prank.

Carol: omg I hate those.

Melonie: hey can you sleep over?

Carol: sure. Why?

Melonie: just because...

Carol: okay?



Hey guys sorry that it was kind of boring. The next one will be more interesting, I promise.


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