bloody danger

When melonie and carol's best friend goes missing, a strange person kidnaps her and her best friend, what will they do to keep their lives? What will she do, and will she win this battle?


4. chapter four

Melonie's POV

"I'll check the living room!" Yells carol.

"I-I guess I'll check the bathroom." Says Veronica. She's still kind of shaken up I guess.

"I've got the kitchen then." I finally say. That was the second biggest room in this house, so then, when it's done, it'll be less work for all of us.

Ten long minutes later...

Still nothing. I wonder what the other girls have found. Oh, wait! Yes! $75! Wow, I guess I got very lucky. I bet Veronica has found a lot of money too because she's always had good luck with finding things.

"Ahhh! Help me!!!" Carol?… carol! Oh no she must've been taken!

"We're coming carol! Stay calm!" I hope she's okay…

"He's got me! I can't breath……" then she goes silent, and so does the entire house.

I run away to find carol, but she's gone and so is the man that took us. I'll go find Veronica. I need her right now.

There she is!

"Now the game has expanded. Now you must find your friend before the time runs out also." He cruelly says to us from no where.

I can't believe this! First we needed to find the money, now carol too! Plus we have one less person! Ugh!

"Veronica, I think we need to stay together. We can't risk him taking one of us again." I imply.

"Yeah… I agree" she replies. I'm so glad she agrees. I can't loose her too. And she can't loose me. It would be way too hard for either of us.


Hey guys. I updated twice in one day! Thanks for everyone's support even if it's just two or three people. Everyone matters! Have a great time!


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