How To Love: NaLu


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Lucys P.O.V.

I was running. I, I don’t know why, but I was. Wherever I was, it was dark. You couldn’t see your hand infront of your face, you could only hope it was there. I felt fear strike me to the heart. Something was after me. I heard a growl from behind me. I screamed as loud as I could.

And then I woke up, jolting up in my bed.

“A-a dream…. It was only a d-dream” I said to myself. I took a deep breath in and out, trying to calm my shaky breath. The dream felt so real, though. I shook it off and got up from my bed. I walked from my room into the kitchen. To my surprise nobody had broken in and gotten into any of my food, namely Natsu and Happy.

I walked to the fridge and got out some milk for some cereal. As I was walking to the cabinet to get my food, I got a knock on the door.

“One second!” I shouted to the door, which I then realized was useless seeing as the door was kicked in.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? Thats my door!” I yelled at the pink haired man in front of me.

“It’s fine, besides, we found a new job!” Natsu proclaimed. I’ll admit I was happy to hear we got a job, but my door…

“So?! You could have waited for me to answer the door! It’ll cost money to fix and that means less fun things we can do! Haven’t you been wanting to go to the fair? It’s only staying for another 2 weeks so if this job takes to long we can't go!” I told him. He made a pouty face.

“Fine I’ll fix it but we have to go to the fair!” Natsu shouted along with an ‘Aye~!’ from Happy.

“Good, now go work on it while I eat breakfast. We can talk about the job now. What is it?” I asked walking over to get my box of cereal. I poured in the milk and cereal and sat at the table, watching Natsu do his work.

“Heres the paper.” Natsu said handing me a piece of paper with the words “DEMON HOUNDS ATTACKING, HELP NEEDED. URGENT!” It said with a picture of vicious looking dogs on the background. Broadcasted at the bottom were some numbers displaying the 1,000,000 jewel reward.

“Seems like an easy enough job. We should be back in no time, so we can go to the fair!” I said with excitement.

“I cant wait till after this, we are going to be loaded!” Natsu exclaimed.

“It’s not all about the money, you know.” Of course I know it is all anyone cares about, but that doesn’t mean thats what we have to be built off.

“I guess. So any ways how’ve you been” Natsu asked me as he fumbled with the door hinges.

“I’m fine I guess.. Why? You never cared before?” He looked nervous after I asked that.

“N-no reason.” He said messing with the door. We sat in silence until Natsu had finished fixing the door. By then I had already put the dishes in and took a shower. I had just gotten out when he had finished.

“Hey Lucy! I’m done fixing it, so what should I do now?” He asked from outside my bedroom door.

“Just wait for a bit, I’m almost done. We can go to the guild together.” I replied. I heard him walk off so I got out of the bathroom and walked into my room to get my clothes. It was winter so I planned on wearing my long sleeved shirt and jeans.

I walked out of the room to meet up with Natsu. From there we walked to the guild.

Natsu P.O.V.

I don’t know why, but it seems like Lucy is, I don’t know, acting weird. She doesn’t seem as happy like she usually is. Maybe its because I ruined her door? Could be. Maybe she’s just having problems. But we’re a team, we need to support each other.

As Lucy and I walked to the guild, I got a strange feeling. Like we were being watched. I stopped and turned around, but there were tons of people on the street, so I couldn’t single out just one person.

“Natsu, is something wrong?” Lucy asked me.

“Oh, no. It’s nothing.” I said turning around and continued walking. I continued to feel someone watching us all the way up to the guild. When we got there I kicked open the door.

“Hey everyone we’re back!” I shouted. Grey turned over and looked at me.

“I thought you’d be on the way to your mission. What, chickened out so soon?” He asked with a devilish grin. I knew the peace in the crazy but calm guild was about to be destroyed.

“Oh ya, how about you!? You haven't taken a job in weeks! Are you really gonna let a little ankle sprain keep you from doing anything?” I teased him. A few weeks ago he sprained his ankle on a job and hasn’t been on a job in about 2 weeks.

“I told you already that the doc said I couldn’t do any extensive activities until it was fully healed! Do you ever listen?!” Grey shouted in return.

“I bet you’re just using it as an excuse for not working. Isn’t that right?” I taunted.

“Why you little-” He said before throwing a punch at me, which I easily dodged.

Happy was just floating and enjoying the show.

Lucy P.O.V.

Almost right after we got through the door Natsu and Grey started fighting with each other. Those guys, they’ll never stop, will they?

“Hi Lucy!” Mirajane called to me while holding a silver tray and waiting on the guild members.

“Hey Mira.” I said with a forced smile. I don’t know why, but the worlds just got me down. I’ve been crying for no reason and I can’t seem to find joy in the little things, like I used to. My heart feels heavy over the rude comments people make that I used to be able to brush off. Ugh, what’s wrong with me.

“I see Natsu and Grey are at it again.” Mirajane commented as she placed down a glass of beer on the wooden table.

“Ya, what’s with them. You’d think they’d learn to get along…” Max commented with a sigh.

“Anyways, can you tell me what you know about this job?” I asked Mirajane while holding up the paper Natsu gave me.

“Oh, the demon hounds, ya I know a bit.” Mira started. “That posters been up there for about a week or two. They say the hounds are kidnapping people then leaving their dead corps’ in the town square. They think that there might be something bigger than the hounds, like a master. It’s not conformed, but theres a little truth to every rumor.” She finished.

“Wow.” Breathed a voice on my neck. I blushed and turned around. Natsu you bastard!

“You SERIOUSLY need to STOP sneaking up on people like that! You're gonna get smacked one day for it.” I said holding up my hand to threaten him.

“Ok, ok sorry. Calm down, what did I even do?” He asked tilting his head to the side. I blushed and turned away

“None of your business.” I said beet red. Why did I care? I just felt a tingling sensation in my heart. Its nothing, right?

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