Live To Win

In the past century there was a place called Topia in this place there lived 4 great high ranked demons. It is in the time of Black Butler if you've seen the show if not in the century where there lived a queen. The problem is one of those demons are better then all. She can out run them very well. To not spoil it, please read this book. (Trying my best for the girl perspective am I guy so I don't know hope I'm doing fine)


2. What Name?

The music stopped playing and this was my chance to make a distraction. We stopped dancing.

"This is my chance." I said to Milady I went to the middle to perform a magic trick.

"Ladies and gentlemen tonight i will perform a magic trick . I need one brave person to help me with this show." I said distracting everyone.

*Elizabeth's POV*

"This is my chance!" I thought I walked over to to Sir Johns.

"Hello Sir Johns." I said in a girly cute voice

"Hello Milady." Said Sir Johns looking at me head to toe. "Disgusting." I thought

"I'm very bored..not so much fun here." I said pouting

"I can show you a more fun place then here milady." Said Sir Johns with and evil smile grabbing my hand and kissing it. "Very disgusting indeed!" I thought again

"Oh my! I would like to know where this fun place is." I said laughing a bit. I saw his evil grin

"Yes..right this way please." He said taking my hand as we left the room.

*Aaron's POV*

"I will let this young man stab this drawer with 10 sharp fine blades while I am in it." I said I got inside and close the doors. The mans stabbed the box with all 10 swords. Then it stood silent. I threw red fake blood gushing out of the drawer.

"He's dead!." Said everyone panicking

"Who's dead." I proclaimed behind all of them. I put a bag of cherry juice in the box.

"What a wonderful show!" Someone called out

"Indeed!" Another said everyone clapped and I bowed down.

*Elizabeth's POV*

We finally made it to a room. It smell funny. I started to lose conscious.

"What the-!" I saw him laugh. Then I knock out. After awhile of me being knocked out I woke up I was tied up and Sir Johns holding a knife.

"What are you doing!" I exclaimed

"You see I sacrifice people for my needs. And you'll be one." He said having a knife at his hand walking towards me.

"Pathetic..." I whisper. Sir Johns got mad.

"Aaron that's enough come find me." I said loud

Aaron appeared suddenly behind him.

*Aaron's POV*

"My what are you doing to my lovely mistress. How rude of you." I smiled and killed him. I walked over to my mistress and untied her.

"Forgive me I came a bit late." I bowed down Elizabeth patted my head.

"You did fine." She said then we left home. The police came and found the murder dead. After a month there was no more murders at all.

*Next Morning*

I returned Into my girl form.

"Wake up mistress its time for breakfast." I said opening up the curtains letting the light come in."

"Mhm...I'm awake Lydia..." Said Elizabeth

*Elizabeth's POV*

I remembered what happened yesterday and quickly got up.

"Wait what should I call you now!" I yelled out not knowing I was yelling.

"Milady please don't yell if I'm in my girl form Lydia is fine if I'm in my true form Aaron is fine." Lydia said

"I see.." I got up and went to shower."

I got out and Lydia helped me change. I put my bra on and my under garments inside the bathroom so Lydia wouldn't do It. She gave me a baby blue-ish greenish dress. I wore it with a flower pin the same color. The i put the same cool ribbon on my neck because it had a cross over the ribbon necktie. The some black shoes the shoes didn't matter because the dress cover them. We went to the dinner table like always and ate soup this time. I finished up and went to take a stroll through the garden. I was thinking about Lydia that how she is really a guy and not a girl it made me fluster in red. I was alone just taking a stroll.

"It's not like I like him!" I said to myself

"Like who?" Said a weird voice. I turned to see it was Jasper my cousin.

"For heaven sakes don't scare me like that Jasper!" I said. I explained everything to my cousin while we took another stroll.

"Well that is very surprising that my lovely cousin has a boy butler. I thought he was a girl." Said Jasper.

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