Live To Win

In the past century there was a place called Topia in this place there lived 4 great high ranked demons. It is in the time of Black Butler if you've seen the show if not in the century where there lived a queen. The problem is one of those demons are better then all. She can out run them very well. To not spoil it, please read this book. (Trying my best for the girl perspective am I guy so I don't know hope I'm doing fine)


3. What Name? part II

"Yes that is what I thought also but he explained everything to me." I said

"Haha explains how my lovely sister said "It's not like a like him!" Said Jasper mimicking my voice.

"Not polite indeed!" I glared at Jasper. We went inside to the kitchen.

"My lady would you like some tea or water?" Asked Lydia.

"I would like tea. What about you Jasper?" I asked

"Tea as well please." Said Jasper

"Excuse me." Said Lydia

*Main POV*

I saw a sniper man up on a tree. I got the tea and went back to the dinner table. I served tea and placed them on the table where Elizabeth was and Jasper. The sniper man was aiming for Elizabeth. He pulled the trigger and the bullet went through the window. I moved fast and stop the bullet between my pointer finger and middle finger. I looked at the man and gave a him scary smile.

"MY! What was that!" Said Elizabeth

"It's was a sniper man I will go have some fun malady." I said

"Yes please do so Lydia." Said Jasper I went out side playing with the bullet in my hand. I was where the tree was the man jumped off the tree.

"My that was rude of you. Now we have to replace the window. Shameful it is." I said smiling

He was scared and ready to run.

"Why are you frighten." I said smiling

He man screamed and ran.

"So rude of you to scream." I said and flicked the bullet to him. The bullet pierced his flesh through his heart. He's a dead man now. I called the police and told them we found a dead man in the garden. They took the body and told us to stay calm they'll find who did this. I just said "ok" and went back inside. Then it was evening.

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