Interrogate Prodigy [CLOSED]

This is almost one of those cliche question movellas except I put my Prodigious spin on it. I would give credit to the person I copied it from, but that person copied it from someone else, and they copied it from someone else and at this point it's almost impossible to know who started it. If anyone knows, let ME know and I'll put it here in place of this long rambling paragraph that you're wasting your time reading. Ask me stuff. Go on. [CLOSED]


4. Tricky M.B. (3), Raven711

    “Have you ever read any of my stories?” Tricky M.B. asked hopefully.

    “Er....” Prodigy hedged. “No. I looked at one point, but they all seem marvel related and I’m not very into marvel.”

    Literally raven cleared her throat. “I have a question.”

    Prodigy waited. The silence stretched on.

    “Well?” she asked. “What is it?”

    “What is what?”

    “Your question,” Prodigy reminded her.

    “Oh, right. Sorry, I got distracted because if you happened to be recording this, it would be the FOURth chapter,” Raven explained with a blush. “Anyway, how do you come up with this stuff?”

    “Well, you could blame it on my strange and twisted mind, but really it’s just all completely random. People have asked me where my inspiration has come from before, but I don’t have an answer. It’s random. Completely and totally random. Sometimes stuff just pops into my head and I’m like, ‘Hey, that’s not a bad idea!’. That’s how half of my movellas began. That’s how this one began. Needless to say, AWIWTACAOCALW started similarly. Plus, I have a very strange sense of humor.”

    “Hm,” Raven said.

    “Snape’s going to come save me, you know,” Prodigy said.

    “Snape’s ugly,” Rod said.

    “He is not!” Prodigy protested.


    “That’s from the potion fumes!” Prodigy said. “And I said that under veritaserum!”

    “He’s stupid and boring,” Rod continued.

    “He is brilliant and interesting!” Prodigy shot back. “And I’ll say this under the serum too: I’ll kill you for this, Rod!”

    “I’ll kill myself first,” Rod replied.

    “No you won’t,” Raven spoke up. “You’re my minion. I can’t have you killing yourself.”

    Rod groaned and went off to burn someone in his frustration.

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