Interrogate Prodigy [CLOSED]

This is almost one of those cliche question movellas except I put my Prodigious spin on it. I would give credit to the person I copied it from, but that person copied it from someone else, and they copied it from someone else and at this point it's almost impossible to know who started it. If anyone knows, let ME know and I'll put it here in place of this long rambling paragraph that you're wasting your time reading. Ask me stuff. Go on. [CLOSED]


9. Crystalar99 (2), Raven (3) Rod (4), ThatGirlWithASpoon (2), Tricky M.B. (7)

    “I’m baaaaccckkkk!” Crystal said, stepping forward again. “What is your greatest living fear?”

    “That I’ll become normal. That I’ll settle for some life that’s less than extraordinary and won’t follow my dreams, thus slipping into mediocracy,” Prodigy answered.

    “Who do you hate most in the living world?”

    Prodigy replied, “Barrack Obama. Or if you mean more localized, I’d have to go with a former friend of mine.”

    “Can you recite all the numbers of pi you memorized?” she asked.

    “The first fifty, yes. Not all 323. That took quite a bit of studying and it was three years ago.”

    “Okay and last but not least, what’s your favorite animated Disney movie?”

    “Aladdin,” she said. “I really don’t get why everyone’s freaking out about Frozen.”

    Raven snapped her fingers because she’s too cool to raise her hand. “I’ve got another question. What am I thinking right now? Since we think alike so much, you should know.”

    “You SHOULD be worried about Snape coming to kill you and liberate me, but you’re probably not,” Prodigy mused. “So I’m going to say you’re thinking that if I guess this right, you’ll be really, really, freaked out.”

    Raven showed no indication of whether that was right or wrong. That would presumably show up later in the recording. Rod came running up, skidding to a stop and rubbing the burns that the ZORG had given him. “HANG ON, I’VE GOT TO SORT OUT THE RANDOM STUFF RATTLING AROUND IN MY HEAD. Okay. Got it. Why am I so awesome?”

    “Because you’re super hyper, funny, british and sound like Daniel Radcliffe. Plus you write epic poems,” Prodigy added in a whisper, “Leo.”

    “Why is a fish so cool?”

    “Because they’re cold blooded. Duh.”

    “What is a rainbow?” 

    “A trick of the light when it separates into its spectrum because the light of the sun shines through the water droplets and they act like a prism.”

    He continued, “How are fish epic?”

    Prodigy frowned. “Well the definition of epic as an adjective is ‘heroic or grand in scale or character’ and fish have pretty grand scales, so let’s go with that.”

    “What’s a Prodigy and how does it differ from a genius?”

    “A prodigy is someone with an exceptional talent in an area, whereas a genius is hyper intelligent or creative. So they’re pretty much the same thing, I think. Only ‘genius’ has the connotation of JUST being intelligent, not creative. But, really, I think there is very little difference, save the fact that ‘prodigy’ is the title generally given to a young person with talent.”

    Rod asked, “Why are you so opposed to Prodigiant? I mean, Prodrigo, I can understand, but...”

    “Because you said it was the adjective version of ‘prodigy’, but the adjective version of that is ‘prodigious’!! I mean, if you’d get it right...” Prodigy shrugged.

    “Why are rocks so beautiful except the ugly ones because those are boring?”

    “Rocks are beautiful because nature is beautiful and they’re natural.”

    “When is Snape coming? I want to burn him.”

    “Go check my texts.”

    Rod did so. “Here, you have one from Snape.” He showed her the phone.


    prodigy im comng 4 u. almost ther hang on. n then ill sectmsempra them




    “See look! He’s on his way,” Prodigy said. “That means after a few more questions, I’m outta here!”

    “Yeah, well, not yet!” Rod said. “How many more people can I burn?”

    “14.45,” Prodigy replied.

    “What is the square root of a fish?”

    “Approximately 244.9,” Prodigy replied. “For a pufferfish, that is.”

    ThatGirlWithASpoon pushed Rod to the side in his stupefaction. “Okay, who’s awesome?”

    “I’m awesome!” she continued. “I hadn’t started yet. Here we go. Are you Jennifer Lopez’s dawg or dog”


    “Why would you say spork????”

    Prodigy brightened. “Because I have this convenient little utensil that’s a spoon on one end and a fork on the other and the edge of the fork is also a knife and it’s awesome! But I didn’t feel like typing that last time, so I said spork because they’re the best things to eat baked potatoes with.”

    “Why are fish slime?”

    “They aren’t. Slime is slime, fish are fish who just happen to have the occasional consistency of slime.”

    “Why do I like staring into people’s souls?” she asked.

    “Sounds like a question for you, not I.”

    “Can I steal the remote from Raven and play Michael Jackson songs?”

    Prodigy raised a brow. “Steal the remote from Raven? Certainly not. Who would give her the remote with her music tastes? No, I have the remote. I’m playing Aerosmith, so no.”

    “Waiiiiittttttt! I have some questions!” Tricky M.B. whined. “Favorite color?”

    “Tie between dark chocolate brown and gray. I’m strange, yes, I know.”

    “Are you enjoying this?” she asked. 

    “At times,” Prodigy replied.

    “Any pets?”

    “A Westie.”

    She continued, “Ever been to florida?”

    “Every summer.”

    “Ever been out of the country?” 

    “Canada, Mexico, Belize, Bahamas, Honduras...”

    “Patrick or Spongebob?” Tricky asked.

    “Patrick, every time.” 

    “Edward or Jacob?”

    “Jacob, of course,” Prodigy said. “Edward is a control freak who sparkles. Cedric Diggory is cooler than he. Jacob can turn into a freaking wolf. But that’s all assuming that I like Twilight.”

    “Tobias or Peeta?”

    “That’s a stupid question. Tobias, naturally. I always liked Gale over Peeta.”

    “Have you read Mockingjay?”


    She asked, “Would you rather be a cat or dog?”


    “Why should we ask you questions?”

    “To hear my answers.”

    “Iron man or batman?” she asked finally.

    “Iron man. Hard choice, though. But Robert Downey Jr...Well, we all know my thoughts on him.”

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