Serenity Grace Miller was born in a time where vampires ruled and the human race was enslaved. Like other human families, hers was poor and therefore sometimes worked as slaves and blood donors to the royal vampire family, the Tomlinson’s. Serenity was sold at a slave auction to the family of royals, who she thought would certainly have killed her. That is, until, she found out that she was the prince’s mate. She is now living a life of secrets untold, roads untraveled and a mate unloved.


5. …You’re my mate?

 (Serenity’s POV)

 I walked back stage trying to comprehend what the hell had just happened but nothing made sense. I mean yes, I wanted to see the prince again but this was not what I meant! Why would he spend that much money on me, I know that my blood is rare and all that jazz but 1 million pounds? I walked around back stage looking for the changing rooms while avoiding glares from some other girls. I found the changing room and changed into some comfortable clothing because prince or not, there was no way I was gonna be walking around looking like a skitch! A knock on the door made me stop what I was doing when all of a sudden, another guard entered the room but this one had a nervous smile playing at his lips instead of a menacing one. “Hello, Ms. Miller, I’m Paul and Queen Johanna has sent me to get you, it’s an emergency!” I nodded my head and quickly followed him into another huge room, which looked fit for a queen…*pun pun* the sight before me was a terrifying one. Louis was completely vamped out. His fangs were flashed and his eyes were a dark scarlet red but that wasn’t the only thing. He was being held back by a few guards while another vampire sat on the floor with blood cascading from a cut above his eyebrow. “Serenity, um…i know that we don’t know each other and that this might be weird but can you please calm Louis down by saying his name or something?” the queen asked with a slight pleading tone. Wow…who would’ve thought that the queen would plead would someone like me? I thought about her question. Why would Louis listen to me of all people? I sighed and nodded before walking next to him. “Louis” I said and he hissed at me. “Louis can you calm down?” I asked and he looked at me before reaching out to grab me. “Let go of him!” his mother demanded and I flinched at the harsh tone of her voice. The guards immediately let him go and in a flash, he was standing before me. I whimpered in fear at the feeling of his arms around me but soon relaxed into them, loving the enticing warmth and safety that I felt in them, which was certainly strange because of his reputation.

I was so caught up in the feeling of me being wrapped in is arms that I didn’t realize that everyone left so that we were alone. I felt Louis’ lips moving against my neck as he whispered to himself. I tried to make out more words but all that I could hear was one, MATE. I then felt something hard graze my neck and I realized that those were his fangs. I shivered in both anticipation and fear, loving the feeling of his lips on my neck but hating thinking about what he could do to me and then, it stopped. He stopped whispering and stepped away from me, eyes widening in confusion and panic. “What the hell?” he asked backing up until he hit the wall. “What are you doing in here?” “Why was I touching you?” “What is wrong with me?” he asked while tugging at strands of his hair nervously. I looked at him in confusion, trying to make sense of his terrible case of bipolar. I averted my gaze from the floor to him, to see his face go from one of confusion and panic, to one of anger. “You, THIS IS YOUR ENTIRE FAULT!” he shouted, pointing a finger accusingly at me. “BEFORE YOU, I DIDN’T ACT LIKE THIS!” he confessed while pushing me against the wall, and roughly pinning my hands above my head. “If this all started with you…then…it’s gonna end with you” he whispered before sinking his fangs into my neck. I let out an ear piercing scream and the royal guards burst through the door as my knees buckled and the world faded into complete darkness.

I awoke with a scream, fearing for the worst. I looked around only to realize that it was night and that I was laid on a beautiful canopy bed in a Victorian era style looking bedroom. Where was i? Whose home was this? And where did they find their decorator? And then the morbid thoughts from earlier returned. I brought my knees up to my chest and cried. Why me? I was a good person…sometimes and it’s not like everyone’s a saint for crying out loud. The sound of the door opening was enough to stop my sob session and I looked to see who had entered. The queen entered and I instantly sat up, prepared to bow and all that, before she scowled at me and placed me back in bed. “Hello, y-your Majesty” I said, still trying to maintain some kind of respect towards her. “No need for formalities sweetheart, call me Jay” she said smiling sweetly as I nodded. “If y-you don’t m-mind me asking, w-where am I?” I asked and she cooed at my stutter. “You are in the castle and this is your bedroom!” she answered enthusiastically. “Really!” I asked, excitement bubbling. She nodded and hugged me but then I realized that she was being awfully kind to me, a slave. “Um…why are you being so nice to me, i-I mean, I’m a slave and you’re t-treating me like a guest?” I asked and she looked at me before sighing. “There are some things that I would like to speak to you about but before that, you’ll have to take a shower and get dressed because there are some people that want to meet you” “Don’t worry about what to wear, there’s a dress in the closet, it’s a bit old but you can wear it for now.” “And also, dinner was an hour ago but you’re probably hungry so I’ll have someone bring you some food and when you’re finished with everything please meet me in the main room” she said while gently closing the door, leaving me alone once again.

About five minutes later, I was awoken from my little nap by the sound of knocking. I opened the door and was met with the face of a petite girl, with long brunette hair and green eyes. She gasped and then let her eyes trail to the floor, before giving me a tray from behind her back. “The queen has requested that this be given to you, Ma’am.” She said bowing curtly and speaking with a polite tone. “Oh… Well thank you” I replied awkwardly and she nodded before leaving. I looked at the delicious looking plate of fettuccine and I went to sit on my bed, already beginning to hungrily scarf it down. I was so full that I thought that my stomach would explode but I didn’t have time for that cause the Que- I mean Jay, was waiting for me. I sighed and got up from my bed and went into the bathroom, which was through a door at the corner of my new room, to take a shower. The bathroom was a beautiful lilac color, with exquisite tiling and decor. I set the water to the correct temperature before ridding myself of my clothes and letting the warm water cascade down my body. I thought about everything that had happened today. I went from living in a shitty house with one bathroom, to living in the castle, with queen, the king and their son. I was washing my hair when I felt a sharp pain by my neck; I put my hands there, only to feel a mark of some sorts but decided that it was probably where Prince Louis bit me. I thought about Prince Louis and his horrendous behavior and sighed softly before shutting off the water and covering myself with one of the clean towels on a rack nearby. I got out of the bathroom and went into my room to find my clothes and other essentials. I looked into a beautiful amber colored with beautiful carvings to see a beautiful little white dress. (A/n. little black dress…he he)It was a little cute and by that, I meant it was something that you would see one of those all round, innocent, good girls wearing. I shrugged and quickly got changed. I left my hair the same but just passed my hand through it a few times, I put on little to no make-up but as I was about to put on my shoes, which was a pair of white flats, a knock interrupted me. I stopped midway and shouted “Come in” before hastily putting on my shoes, almost falling over myself, during the process. “The queen would like to see you now” the very same maid told me and I nodded. “What’s your name?” I asked and her eyes widened comically before she answered. “A-Adelaide…” I smiled politely, “Well, it’s very nice to meet you Adelaide, I’m Serenity” I told her and she bowed before muttering something about getting back to her chores. I looked at myself in the mirror one last time before preparing myself to meet these ‘people’. I opened my room door and walked through the hallway, not really knowing where in the hell, the main room was. I was walking, looking for some sort of sign or at least someone to help me find this ‘main room’ because to tell you the truth, this castle was really beginning to scare the fudge out of me.

 I turned around, deciding that it was probably wiser for me to go in the direction that didn’t make me feel like I was 3 seconds away from having a damn heart attack. As soon as I turned around, I came into contact with a wall, which, I’m sure wasn’t there before and I’m also sure that a wall didn’t smell like peppermint and coffee, with a hint of some expensive cologne. I felt myself falling before someone caught my hands and steadied me. I opened my eyes to see none other than Tommo, himself. “Can’t you watch where you’re going!” he snapped at me and I winced at the harsh tone of his voice. “Sorry…” I said and he rolled his eyes. “What are you doing here? Trying to steal something?” he asked and I sighed. “Yes your majesty, I did my make up and put on this beautiful dress, just to look good while stealing you’re precious family treasures and secrets! Please don’t throw me in the dungeons!” I said sarcastically while faking mock horror.

“But…if you must know, your mother is waiting for me in the main room and to tell you the truth, I’m quite lost!” I exclaimed. “Oh…well she asked me to come to the main room also, so shall we go?” he asked and I nodded. It seems as though I was actually correct because the main room was three doors down from my room. As soon as we were standing before the door, a feminine voice, which I realized was Queen Johanna’s, told us to come in. I was about to reach for the door knob but I felt a hand rest on mine and I stopped. I drew my hand back looked at Prince Louis, only to see him smirking at me. “After you.” He said, while opening the door and I felt a shiver go down my spine. I walked into the room, which looked more like a shabby office, but hey, who am I to judge? Inside sat the queen and some other women, who held an air of authority with them, all gathered around a large table. “Aah…Serenity, Louis…how great of you to join us!” one of the women said. “Well, you did promise to make me spend a day underground if I didn’t so?” Louis replied while chuckling humorlessly. “Oh…Lou…always a ray of sunshine, I see?” she replied in the same tone. “Right, well shall we begin?” another woman asked. “We’ve asked you to come here today, to explain to you somethings that you should’ve been told or realized some time ago!” a short woman with her grey hair pulled into a high ponytail, arms folded and face, void of all emotions, told us. “You see, 100 years ago a vampire man named Samuel, was walking through the woods, when, he came upon a woman being harassed by a few thugs. Now, Samuel was known as what you children would call a ‘player’, he slept around a lot and cared for no one but himself but when her saw, this, this woman, he felt a shock go through his body and he heard the word mate being repeated in his head. Surely, he would’ve thought that he was going crazy, but no, all that he could think about was, that those men were touching her, she was his. So, he killed them, all of them, and took care of the woman because he’d never been so in love in his entire life. They couldn’t stand not being together after that and could feel each others emotions. They were powerful together but nothing apart. They were madly in love and even though, they started off by hating each other, they realized that they were meant to be.These two people were known as mates and when they died, it was said that a love like theirs would never be found again. That was, until Samuel's great grandson was born.” She finished and I looked at her in shock. Everyone was silent and you could cut the tension in that room with a knife. “So, what does that have to do with me?” Louis asked and I groaned. “That means that you and Ms. Serenity better get really comfortable with each other because Samuel was you're great grand father and you’re mates, destined to be together forever” she said and Louis eyes widened comically. “…You’re my mate?” he asked and I gulped in fear.

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