17th Of October // H.S

"When did you fall for me?" "On the 17th of October." •• On a cold day, heartbroken and alone, Ariana meets a homeless boy named Harry. From then on? Everything changes.


1. Meeting Green Eyes

Chapter One

Meeting Green Eyes

"I see a lost soul when I look at you"


Ariana's POV

I don't know why it hurt me, I guess I saw it coming. When the words "were over" left Brandon's mouth, I felt destroyed, neglected and torn. We had been together for almost two years and I believe I loved him.

And what happens at school the next day? He's making out with a girl that I always half assumed he was cheating on me with.

Brandon and me were always kept a close eye on by my brother since he was Brandon's best friend and he wasn't so keen on us dating. Saying how he didn't want him to hurt me and how he can't stay committed.

I always thought he was lying.

Now I know Dan was right all along.

I ran out the front doors, the cold November wind slapping against me, my hair flying.

I just wanted to escape. I just wanted to forget I even saw them making out. That he ever did the same to me, that he looked at me the same way.

Tears fell down my face at a rapid speed as I just ran. I didn't know where I was going, but I wanted to get as far away from that school as possible.

I kept on running until I stumbled against something, sending me a few steps forward. Luckily for me, to save me the embarrassment, I didn't fall flat on my face.

I turned to see what is tripped on and saw a pair of legs. I followed them up to a pair of bright green eyes that stared back curiously. My eyes widened.

I tripped over a homeless man.

"I'm so sorry... I-I didn't see where I was going." My cheeks felt numb from the cold. How could he handle it out here?

He wore a beanie loosely around his brown hair and a sweater and long jeans that were ripped on the knees. He had a large backpack beside him and had a small blanket rested on his legs, not even covering him fully.

"It's alright." He spoke calmly, rubbing his eyes from the sleep i probably interrupted. I nodded slowly. Something suddenly clicked, and I knew that he was around my age, maybe a year older.

I looked around my surroundings, trying to find a place that had food that I could buy him. It was the least I could do.

"Um... There's a coffee shop over there... If you'd like to join me, I mean, they don't only sell coffee..." I rambled, my cheeks turning darker.

He smiled.

"That's really kind of you, thank you."

He got up. "Hold on for a second." I nodded. He grabbed his things and walked into a nearby alley, disappearing from my view. He soon came back, his things gone.

"Okay, we can go now."

We both ordered our drinks, both hot chocolates and large blueberry muffins. After I payed (which he tried to hand over money but I declined), we found a booth and sat down facing each other.

"So I realize that I haven't introduced myself, so I'm Ariana Carter." He smiled, nodding.

"I'm Harry Styles." I returned his kind smile, wrapping my gloved hands around my drink, lifting it to my lips and taking a quick sip.

It was silent for a moment, before he broke it.

"I see a lost soul when I look at you." I stared at him, confused and taken back.

"Excuse me?"

Harry merely repeated himself once more, shrugging.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked defensively, gripping my drink tighter.

"I mean," he sat up straighter, "when you tripped against my legs, you looked lost and upset. You obviously were crying before." I didn't know if I was supposed to like his straightforwardness.


"So," he mocked, "I see a lost soul when I look at you."

"We'll aren't you deep." I joked, rolling my eyes playfully.

"I guess I am." He nodded in agreement.

"Okay, how old are you?" I changed the subject from me to him. He suddenly looked a bit uncomfortable.

"I'm 19." I was shocked. I was only 18... Shouldn't he be in school?

"Yeah, I think so." He replied. Well then. I must've said that out loud.

"Oh." I didn't know what else to say at that point. I wondered what happened to him. Was his parents the reason why he was out on the streets? Did he get involved with the wrong people? Did he drop out of school?

All these questions swirled throughout my mind, my head spinning.

"I should go now..." Harry trailed off, probably sensing the awkwardness.

I still felt bad, like I could have done something.

"Thanks for the drink and the food. It was nice of you." He got up.

I was frozen, only nodding.

"W-Wait! " I stuttered, following him, grabbing his arm.

"I really liked talking to you. M-Maybe we can again?" The words left my mouth so fast that I barely knew what I asked. He stopped, letting out a quiet sigh.

"I barely know you, and vice versa. Why be nice to me?" He pointed out, shaking his head.

"Because. The worlds a cruel place. I think that we should all help a stranger out... Even more because your my age and what your going through is hard."

He nodded, not saying a word.

"So can I see you again?"

He shook his head. "I think it's best if we stay our separate ways. I'm not good for you." Harry spoke.

My face fell. "Listen I'm sorr-" he cut me off.

"No, I'm sorry. It's okay. I'm just telling you the truth." His eyes locked with mine before he turned away.

He looked at a paper in the wall, taking a copy before folding it and shoving it in his pocket.

"It was nice talking to you Ariana. Thank you." He sent me one last smile before walking out into the cold October air.

I shook my head, a bit startled, yet I knew where he was coming from. At least he was honest.

But, that didn't stop me from taking a copy of the paper he took off with.

And as my eyes scanned over the paper, I realized that he was looking for a job.

I was gonna make sure he got it.

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