Love Don't Lie: An EEnE Fanfic

The story centers around the characters from "Ed, Edd 'N Eddy". The Characters are a lot older than they were in the TV Show. Eddy is the center of the Fanfic I'm writing. He starts getting those mushy feelings after a new kid moves in across the street, something of which is surprisingly new to him. Contains Double-D/Kevin, Eddy/OC


1. Eddy in Love

Everything was a little bit strange around this area as Charlie's Mom turned down another lane, and into The Cul-De-Sac. It was sort of weird, the way everything was laid out. All the houses were painted one exact color and they all sat perfect and poised, there shadows shading the green grass that sprawled out before them.

"Mom, this place looks weird..."

He took in the scenery all around him, but the houses were not what caught his attention. It was the scene of three teens, maybe a year or so older than him, sitting out in the afternoon sun. One was running around in circles, both eyes looking in opposite directions; the other two, one very skinny and very tall, the other shorter than his two friends and noticeably the chubbiest, were arguing over something. His Mom interrupted his gazing.

"It's not that bad, honey. I'm sure you'll make some friends before you know it." 

He knew his mother was trying to be reassuring, but she wasn't helping very much with his hesitance. Charlie and his mother had had a very rocky few years in the past, and this was supposed to be their new start, but it was seemed like the same thing as it had been even before his parents had decided to separate, breaking up the entire family.

His sister had aspired to be with her father, because Randy knew that she could do whatever she'd like. There Dad wasn't the most responsible parent in the world, and wasn't the most loyal, nor trustworthy person either. During last summer, Charlie's Mom had soon put two-and-two together, figuring out that Charlie's Asshole Dad was having an affair.

This prompted the divorce, and a few months afterward, Dana, Charlie's other sister, moved out to attend college and, to Charlie's Mother's chagrin, live with her boyfriend of five years. Things were a little bit tense after that, and Charlie's Mother had found a new, higher-paying job in the town of Peach Creek, Florida, and she had made the decision to move him to another school with a new house, and new friends.

---Charlie's POV---

"Oh, look, there's some other neighborhood kids over their!" She said, pointing her finger over to the three boys, who paid the boy no heed.

"Why don't you go over and introduce yourself, while I arrange the kitchen. Be in before dark?" She asked.

"Yeah, sure Mom." I said, my back turned to her.

She smiled and strolled inside the house while I nervously stuffed my hands into my black gym shorts and walked over to the three boys. The all stopped what they were doing and looked at me.

"Salutations!" The skinny kid said.   

I looked him over: Purple skinnies, orange tee, and a black sock hat that perched just above his hairline. 

"Hey." I said, running a hand through my spiked up, auburn hair. 

"I'm Eddy," 

The short, chubby kid introduced himself, standing up and sticking out a hand to shake it. His cheeks looked kind of flushed and he turned his face away from me. He was kind of cute. He had bluish-black hair, three hairs that hung over his face, his jaw was dusted in stubble, and he had the biggest, bluest eyes I had ever seen. 

"And this is Ed," he continued, pointing to the tallest of the three boys, redheaded. He stuck out a saliva covered hand to me, to which I courteously rejected.

"And that's Edd too, but you can just call him, uh..."

I raised an eyebrow, and looked at him. He was still looking away, nervously.

"You can just call me Double-D." Double-D finished for him.

"Cool." I said, not taking my eyes off of Eddy.

"I'm Charlie. I just moved in across the street." I said.

"Where'd you move from?" Eddy asked excitedly.

"Alabama, the Redneck Capital of the World." I said, sort-of laughing.

"Oh, well...Um.. May I ask why you moved here?" Double-D interjected, stepping in front of Eddy, who growled.

I raised a brow. "Um.. My parents got divorced, and my Mom wanted to start over in a more...peaceful.. place." I said. 

"I'm sorry to hear tha-"   Double-D fell over as Eddy pushed him up and over his head, flinging him into a nearby flowerbed.

"S'that a Red Hot Chili Peppers Shirt you got on?" Eddy asked, smiling, taking notice of my band tee.

"Yeah," I said, smiling back at him, "Why?"

"I have one of their CDs my brother gave me before he moved out. Maybe you'd like to come over after school tomorrow and hang, maybe listen to it a bit?" He asked, smiling mischievously. 

"I'm sure we'd all love that Eddy, sounds like a great time!" Double-D said sarcastically, covered in dirt and flower petals.

"Excuse us." Eddy said, turning to Double-D.

---Eddy's POV---

"Look, Sockhead! It's just going to be me and him tomorrow? Got it? He's really cool, and I'd like to take the time to get to know him!." I hissed.

"Oh, I see how it is!" Double-D whispered back at me, turning red, stifling laughter. "You like Charlie!" He whispered, slightly giggling.

"What? No! I ain't gay!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. I stopped, red faced, turning to look at Charlie, who was looking a bit perplexed as Ed fidgeted with his adorable, spiky tufts.

"Ahuhuh," Ed laughed, as Charlie looked up, smiling. 

"Sorry Char- ED! STOP MESSIN' WITH CHARLIE'S HAIR!" I shouted again.

Ed jumped down, running around in a circle, as I chased him, while Charlie giggled, laughing. I finally grabbed Ed by the neck, beating him to a pulp.

"I'm sorry Eddy! It wasn't me!" Ed shouted in terror.

After I had beaten up Ed, I turned back to look at Charlie, trying to look macho. He smiled at me, blushing. I blushed too. Wait- What I'm doing? I ain't gay!

"Why don't you guys come over tomorrow too?" I interjected, breaking the awkward moment between me and Charlie, who looked down at his feet when I asked the question.

"I thought you s-" Double started, raising a curious hand. He was totally doing this on purpose. Bitch.  

I knew he thought I  had a crush on this spikey-haired, piercingly handsome, new kid- WAIT! I ain't gay, I ain't gay, I ain't gay! I repeated this mantra in my head.

"Said what?" Charlie asked, breaking my train of thought. 

Soon enough, Loser Kevin rode up on his bike. He screeched to a stop on his bike before looking us over, smiling evilly, and then looked down at Charlie who turned to look at Kevin.

"Hey, I'm Kevin-" The jerk introduced himself to that sexy, little- NOT GAY, NOT GAY! I watched as Kevin shook Charlie's hand, and I was flaming, in the angry sense.

"Dorks?" was all I heard before Charlie took a step away from Kevin's bike.

"I prefer to pick my own friends." The spikey-headed boy said, pursing his lips. I smiled.

'Then whatever, dork 2.0!" Kevin said, angered at this rejection.

Charlie turned around and smiled at only me.

"I didn't know you guys had a neighborhood asshole!" He said, smirking.

"Please, Charlie, don't swear. It's rude and very unbecoming!" Double-D said warily.

"Ignore him-" I said, wrapping an arm around Charlie's waist, "He's the neighborhood neat-freak." I said, as I walked away with this strangely attractive newcomer in tow.

"I kind of have to get back home," Charlie said, facing me "I told my Mom I'd be back before dark, soooo... I'll see you tomorrow." He said, waving at me as he walked back over to his house.

"It's a date!" I called back, unexpectedly. I cannot believe I just said that.

Charlie walked back inside his house, turning around to smile at me before waving and closing the door. I turned back to look at Ed and Double-D who were both stifling laughter, their faces redder than ripe tomatoes. Suddenly they both burst out laughing.

"Eddy's got a boyfriend! Eddy's got a boyfriend!" Ed teased me between laughs. I turned red.

"Ohmygod!" Double-D cried between giggles and Ed's teases, "It's a date?! Really Eddy?"

"Look, are you guys going to show or not?" I shouted at those two stupid idiots laughing like a pair of hyenas.

"You said it was a date!" Double-D shouted as he finished his fit of laughter "Anyways, I have to do some experiments with my ants. And Ed is helping me." He said, walking back to his own home, out of breath.

"ED! YOU IDIOT! COME IN HERE! OR I'M TELLING MOM YOU'RE OUT AFTER DARK!" Sarah, Ed's obnoxious, bratty little sister ordered from Ed's own home. He hurried in through the doorway. 

After Double-Dumbass and Ed had gone home, I sat there for a moment, staring up at the stars. All I saw was Charlie's face. It's a date...    



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