∞ Forever Young ∞

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  • Published: 22 Jul 2014
  • Updated: 26 Jul 2014
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A Nash Grier fanfictin


2. Leaving

"Mom!!" I yelled. Today was the day that I move out of my parents house, and live in the big city of Los Angeles. I have to admit I will miss this house, in the wonderful place called Florida. 

** flash back **

Charli? My mom asked me. I turned around, and she laughs. Your supposed to get the paint on the wall, not your face silly!! She says to me. She kneels down and starts to clean my face and says Never grow up. Please. Stay 5 forever.

** end of flash back **

My mom comes down stairs and hugs me tight. " I can't believe you're already 18, "  She says. I grab my suitcase, and say my good byes.

Before I start to drive, I call my best friend, Carly. She's moving in with me in Los Angeles. 

Hey - i'm about to leave for the airport - oh! your already at the airport?! - okay! i'll see you soon! 

Then i hung up, and started the car. Bye Florida.


SORRY for the crappy first chapter! It will get better (hopefully) when Nash comes in! thanks so much!! Like please and fan!

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