Friends or more?

"Why can't we be together?" I cried over the rain. "I don't want you to get hurt and hate me." She shouted back. "I don't care if I get hurt." I replied walking closer to her. "I want to protect you." I looked into her eyes and leaned closer.

Ashley (Ash) Hood is a well known guy in his town. He isn't popular, just helpful. He has long black hair, electric blue eyes, and tan skin.

Kate Irwin is new in town. She is trying to escape her past. She is shy, and quiet in public. She has long hazel hair, dull brown eyes and pale skin.

What happens when they bump into each other? Will they become friends or more?


3. ch 3

"Order up!" I tapped the bell. As I was about to continue working again I heard a girl shriek. 'I must've scared here.' I thought and chuckled.

"What's so funny?!" The same girl shouted. "You." I replied nonchalantly, flipping patties. "That's not nice." She said.

"Not my fault you're weird." I mumbled. "What was that?" "I said you're annoying." She started to fume. She came around the counter and got in my face. "Listen here asshole. I may be weird but at least I'm not a rude judgemental patty flipping pussy."

In the background I can hear Nick trying not to laugh. "Nick take over for me. I'm going on break." Nick came over and continued flipping patties. I took off my hair net and apron. The girl had already taken off. I walked out and looked around to find her.

~Kate's pov~

I am so pissed. That guy is a dick. My first day here and already people are getting on my nerves. I hugged my jacket as the cool breeze passed by. I began to here a guy yelling.

I turned around and noticed it was the guy from the restaurant. I began to run away. I turned in between two little shops. I hope he didn't see me. He is cute but he's also annoying. I liked his tattoos too.

I think I saw a Thirty Seconds to Mars tattoo that covered his right forearm and his ears were gaged too. He was getting closer. I tried to blend into to the wall.

-Ash's pov-

It's funny how she thought she could hide. I knew most of Melbourne more than I knew myself. I decided to walk by and go into the store next to the alley. I stayed near the entrance and saw her come from the alley and sighed in relief. She walked passed me and continued walking. I grabbed her arm and yanked her into an abandoned shop.

"What the hell is your problem?!" The girl shouted. "Rape! Rape!!" I covered her mouth and made her sit. "Look I'm sorry for earlier." She rolled her eyes. "Sure." She then began to walk away. "Wait." "What?" "Let me make it up to you." I said.


Sorry it took so long. Had major writers block.

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