5. Chapter 5

I brushed off Roberts uniform that I had just put on. Yes, yes, I know it's a bit weird to wear a mans clothes that I just killed, but I needed a disguise if I was going to get out of here.

Turning back to lock the door I remembered that somebody might recognize me by my face. Then again when I was brought here I always kept my head down and my hair was long so it managed to cover my face. I never let anybody see my face, they could only tell who I was by my hair because it was so long.

Luckily while I was in that closet I spotted some scissors on one of the shelves. Right now, I was in desperate need of a haircut. So, now was the time to do it.

I went back into the closet and to my surprise there was a mirror on the lower shelf. I carefully watched myself cut my hair. It was short, but not too short, only about a little shorter than shoulder length. I grabbed a taser from one of the bins and clipped it onto my belt. You know, just in case anybody recognizes me.

I backed out of the closet and locked it behind me.

"Hey! What are you doing down here? You're supposed to be upstairs like everyone else!" A voice from behind me yelled.

It was another guard.

"Fuck." I mumbled so quiet that even I barely heard myself. I'm very quick at thinking of excuses, it's something I picked up on during my horrible time here.

I turned to face him. "I'm just down here to check on Mr. Styles. I forgot my taser upstairs and I just needed to grab one just in case he got out of hand." I hid my accent.

"You're supposed to have your taser on you all times."

"Yes, I am aware. It won't happen again." I assured him.

With that, he made his way back upstairs. The security guards here are total shit. They don't even ask for an ID like they're supposed to. Stupid cunts.

I had also took Roberts watch so now I can see how much time I have to follow through with my escape plan. I jogged back to my cell and took the keys I found in Mr. Coleman's room, stuffing them in my pocket. I touched something that felt like paper and pulled it out. I studied it for a while before realizing that it was Robert and his family.

Damn, his wife is hot. There were three children in the photo standing between Robert and his wife. Two little girls and a baby boy.

"Awe how cute." I fake smiled as I ripped the photo up, tossing the pieces into the air.

I ran upstairs and stopped in front of Mr. Coleman's door. It wasn't locked because I have the keys. He is such a dipshit for having them on the floor. I opened the door and set foot in his office, quickly locking it behind me.

I seated myself in his chair and instantly turned his computer on.

There was a box on the screen that read "Enter password here"

It was probably some stupid shit like 'Ihateeveryinmatehere' or 'Ihateharryfornoapparentreason'

I punched in the first thing that came to mind and hit the enter key.

Holy shit. It worked! I can't believe I guessed it!

Mr. Coleman is such a self-centred dick. Who in the world sets their password as 'iamgreat' ?

Fortunately for me, everything I needed was still left up on his screen. All my information, everything, was still there from the last time I looked at his computer.

I glanced at the watch on my wrist. There was still 12 minutes of lunch left. That was plenty of time for me.

I was a very good hacker at a young age, so I hacked into the police departments main email account and typed up a message for Mr. Coleman. Don't ask me how I managed to hack into the police email because I wouldn't even be able to answer that.

When I finished writing the message I clicked send and deleted all traces of a message being sent so the police wouldn't get suspicious.

I closed out everything that I opened up only leaving my profile information up on the screen and shut the computer off.

I didn't need his keys anymore so I placed them back on the floor where I first found them and left the office.

I checked the watch again and bolted down the stairs and back into the supply closet.

There was only 4 minutes left of lunch and I'm sure Mr. Coleman would go straight for his office. You'd be surprised at how fast I changed out of Roberts uniform and back into mine, leaving me with 3 minutes to get back to my cell and act like nothing happened.

I'd never thought I'd say this but I locked myself back in my cell, put the key to lock and unlock my door back into the wall and I laid on my uncomfortable bed, staring at the ceiling.

Fuck. I still had Roberts watch on. Quickly thinking I got up, unstrapped it and flicked it out the little window at the back of my cell.

Lunch would be over any minute now and all the psychopaths would be locked back up in their cell. It was only a matter of time when I heard my cell unlock. Sure enough it was Mr. Coleman.

"Mr. Styles?"

"It's Harry." I reminded.

"Right, Harry?"

"Yes Mr. Coleman?"

"I'd like to have a word with you up in my office."

"Uuggghhhh do I really have to come see you agaiiiinnnn?" I groaned.

"Yes, you do. Now come on."


The only hard thing about writing this story is trying to find another way to start sentences without using "I" all the time.

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