This is a story of a girl who met Niall horan before he was famous they had a bond that they thought could never be broken until Niall forms a band called One Direction what will happen to there bond will it stay strong or break into pieces


2. Store

I walked into forever 21 i had just lost 20 pounds know I'm 125 pounds i was so proud of myself when i walked into the store and i saw a boy he was trying to ask the cashier what price it was he was cute but i guessed he had a girlfriend why else would he be there a girl cane out of the dressing room yelling Niall he went running i guess thats his name the girl came out she was beautiful when they were checking out the girl said thanks Ni he replied no prob cous yes they were cousins great i had a chance on the way out i bumped into him he said sorry i said its okay he said your cute wanna go out i said yes he leaned in gave me a kiss on the cheek and said see you tonight at carnigie deli love ahh his accent i just needed to find a outfit i decided on flats a dress and bangle braclet

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