A gift and a curse (one direction)


Five 16 year old teens by the names of Josh, Niall, Zayn, Liam and Cody didn't have the normal happy upbringing. Each of them, from different places around the world, was given a gift, but to them a curse. The gifts of shapeshifting, flying, teleporting, weather and the brain that's like a super computer. They're families never wanted them and they were either homeless or swimming through foster homes and orphanages. They can't really control their powers well so they are a danger to themselves and others around them. The biggest danger is the people who are after them, the government (management in this) they want them and their gifts for the wrong reasons, power. Two middle aged men named Louis and Harry find the teens and take them in, raising them as their own and train them to the best of their ability (this is a Larry fic so they are husbands in this, no hate please)

Shapeshifting/ super strength - Louis
Weather/healing - Cody
Teleporting/ strong hearing - Zayn
Water/merman - Niall
Smartest man alive/ force fields - Liam
Telekinesis/ telepathy - Harry
Control all sources of metal/ little electricity - josh


2. Chapter 1 (Niall)

Chapter 1

Niall's pov

I hated being alone. This feeling of not being wanted haunted me everywhere. I never made friends. I could never keep a family wanting me for over a month, and I loved being isolated. I'm Niall, I've just turned 16 last month (September). My parents died when I was 7 in a house fire along with my older brother Greg. Ever since then I've been mute never wanting to talk. That's probably why most families didn't want me, because I was the depressed, loner boy. I was in an abusive home from age 11-13 where most of my time was used as a punching bag. I flinched when people touched me and got to close. When I was 8 things changed a lot. It all started when I was in the bath. My body jolted and shook and suddenly I formed webbed hands and a mermaid tail. Ever since then the slightest touch of water had me changing. I also managed to control water with my hands delicately without spilling it. It was fun but it's hard to Keep a secret as big as that . Not being able to have water fights or swim with other kids, but I've never been caught... Not yet anyway...

- now, Mullingar Ireland -

"I'm sorry, he just wasn't the boy for us" my newest foster mum said to the orphanage.

"What's wrong with him" Anne (the lady at the orphanage) snapped.

"He just isn't fitting in, he doesn't join in with the family" she spoke.

"Give him time" Anne mumbled.

"We can't, he doesn't get along with my son" she hissed, looks like I'm going back.

"Fine see you tomorrow" Anne snapped, hanging up.

My new foster (Lucy) turned to me with a sad expression.

"I'm sorry Niall" she sighed. I shrugged in response.

"We do want you, but you don't fit in with us" she stepped forward and I coward away.

"Sorry Niall" she spoke, I shook my head tears falling, I was shaking.

"Niall please" she said urgently, that's when I snapped.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" I scream, my hands flew up causing all the water from the sink to rise and smash against the walls. Lucy looked shocked and her son looked scared

"MONSTER... HELP MONSTER" she screamed causing alarm all around.

So I did the only thing logically and ran. Ran as far away as possible. Until I came to a lake and dived in, causing my body to suddenly change. That's when I broke down. It's hard to cry underwater but I still sat there and sobbed. I'd never felt so alone.

Hours passed and I hadn't moved, my blue tail glimmered under the moonlight as it hit the water. I was starving but there was nothing around. Maybe it was time to go find food. I swam down through a river until I hit a massive opening of a lake which was connected to a small pond. I slowly pulled myself out of the water. My tail flopped onto the grass along with my body, I was slightly panting. I looked around my surrounding, it was a lake with a woods surrounding it. There was a very large house in the distance the was lit up and looked homey. My body had finally started to dry as my legs formed back again. Why did I have to be so different. A snap of a twig brought me out of my trance. I swung around facing the direction of the noise. My sight coming with contact with a average height man with mousy brown hair and blue eyes. I felt frightened and was ready to jump back into the lake when the voice of the man stopped me.

"Wait son" it was a middle aged voice, but fairly high.

I slowly turned around to face him trembling.

"Don't be afraid love I'm different as well" they he dropped into the form of a dog.

I blinked twice and rubbed my eyes as I watched him turn back to a human form.

"There's lots of people like us Niall" he smiled softly stepping closer slowly.

"H-how d-d-do you k-know my n-name" I stuttered shocked. (I have a bad stutter)

"My husband can read mind and hear thoughts, he sensed you were here, he seems to know a lot about you Niall, do you trust me enough to come back with me? There are others like us?" He spoke gently.

I nodded and stood up, something about this man made me trust him. He was like me, different...

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