What will we do now?(Finished)

When a member of One direction dies in a tragic accident.Management become weary about keeping the band together.

Losing anybody can be hard especially when it is somebody close.With a tour coming up will the guys cope with the pressure or will it be to late.
I do not own One Direction and nothing that happens in the story I.e managment acting like that or there behaviours is real.


16. Chapter sixteen - Are we getting better?

Niall's P.O.V

If you didn't know already me and Bethany are dating.We have been for a couple weeks now.I asked her and I honestly was suprised when she said yes .The other guys seem to be m aking  little progress  but we can't give up hope , not yet.We are all still worried about each other but I have noticed that Louis is getting better now but we are all a long way to go.

The fans have been really supportive of us and have carried on loving us no matter what.They have stuck by us and will to the end no matter if that is tomorrow or in 5 years time.

Zayn's P.O.V

tomorrow we are going for another meeting with management.It seems like we have been everyday.Its not like everyboydy thinks I do have a clue I'm changing I just cant stop it. Its not as easy as everybody says it is.It is as if I'm falling with a parachute and nobody not even me can open it before I hit the ground. I have grown worried over my relationship with Perrie. We barely talk anymore.


Perries P.O.V

I had to keep wishing that  Zayn would get better but I don't know if he would.We don't seem to be acting like a couple anymore it has been ages since we last talked and I'm growing worried about our relationship. We aren't as close as we used to be and we are supposed to be getting married soon.


With Zayn like this I don't know if this wedding will go through.

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