What will we do now?(Finished)

When a member of One direction dies in a tragic accident.Management become weary about keeping the band together.

Losing anybody can be hard especially when it is somebody close.With a tour coming up will the guys cope with the pressure or will it be to late.
I do not own One Direction and nothing that happens in the story I.e managment acting like that or there behaviours is real.


7. Chapter seven - Look at them

A directioners P.O.V

Sometimes in life you question why some people don't see changes in peple they are close to when they don't hide it and they put it into they open.Everybody,is starting to see they are becoming different people.They changes are something most of us are seeing.We are losing them.


They are changing into people we don't know and don't recognise.

I'm worried about them.


Gemma's P.O.V


I heard about the boys becoming worse.I can relate to them as I have known Harry all my life but I'm trying to get over it even thought I can't. I was informed  by Perrie who said they went to management who said they were only grieving.I'm grieving it's normal but they are not grieving it's something much worse.


If this goes on much longer management will start to think they're acting when they aren't'. They will probably end up splitting they band up because they can't deal with it anymore.It's sad that they have to go on like this without getting help.


They will have to suffer until we can get management to seethat they need help and are not acting it.If I could do something I would but my voice is insignificant compared to management.If I where to do anything they would probably be notified and I would and end up in a lot of trouble trying to help them when they are just 'acting'.

I feel sorry for Eleanor and Perrie+ the fans having to see them suffer and I don't think nodbody can change that.


Third person P.O.V


None of the guys would have ever realised that their world would have spun out of control after the accident.


Will any of them be able to realise and fix it before it is to late?

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