What will we do now?(Finished)

When a member of One direction dies in a tragic accident.Management become weary about keeping the band together.

Losing anybody can be hard especially when it is somebody close.With a tour coming up will the guys cope with the pressure or will it be to late.
I do not own One Direction and nothing that happens in the story I.e managment acting like that or there behaviours is real.


5. Chapter five - Talking to management

 Eleanor's P.OV

Today me and Perrie were going to talk to management about the boys as we where growing concerned about their behaviour.We where currently waiting on management on coming out from a meeting they where in so we could talk to them.


We walked into a room where there was a desk Dan and Chris from management sat. In front of them sat two empty seats for us.As we sat down Dan spoke up.

"What brings you here?"

"We're worried about the boys because they havent been themselves lately ever since the death of Harry they have completly changed."

"Thats normal it often happens when somebody close dies. It's called grieving."I'm starting to lose my patience.

"I'm losing my boyfriend he never smiles or jokes like he used to, Niall is eating less and less, Zayn has become distant and Liam is becoming angry at everything people do."I said raising my voice and puting my hands on the table.


"It is just a phase they will get over it soon you just have to give them time."Dan said. I decided this was a battle we wouldn't win so I just walked out.Perrie soon followed.


Dan's P.O.V

I don't get why their so worried It is obviously just a phase they are going through.They don't realise because they where so close they grieving process will take longer.They will eventually move on.We will be there for One Direction  all the way.


1d's P.O.V

I feel like theres nothing I can do. I can see the other guys becoming somebody different.I feel like I'm not the same person I used to be I'm losing control of my life and there is nothing I can do to stop it. I don't know what to do?

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