He has everything but me

He has everything but me - Niall and I were born in two different lives. He was rich and he had got all that he wanted. I was poor and I had to work to get somewhere. We had nothing in common and I wasn't the type who were attracted by his money, yet he wanted me and he was prepared to fight to get me.


2. The relative from Ireland

Okay! Tess and I had always things to do. We discovered ants in the grass, we realized that you can't drink out of a glass in the pool (ie underwater) and we learned always something when we were out walking. I liked Tess. She was like my sister and I saw every day that she developed forward. She was a happy girl and she looked up to me. She missed her mom and dad, but even she was accustomed that they rarely had time for her. Sometimes she cried that nobody loved her, but then I hugged her tightly and I made sure to comfort her. 
"I will always love you!" 
I knew it was true, but at the same time a lie. One day I would leave her and start college. The question was whether she could handle it or if she would collapse totally. I had been there since she was a year old and she had always trusted me.


"Tomorrow, ma'am and sir will come home!" I heard the kitchen staff say. Tess was overjoyed and I smiled at her. 
"Mom have certainly bought something wonderful to you?" 
She nodded. 
"A pony?" 
I laughed. 
"Well, maybe a pony or a larger horse? Who knows?" 
Her eyes shone. Her parents loved to buy things for her. She had everything, but at the same time, I saw that they just wanted to buy her love. That day Tess questioned their love for her, I heard already the answer. "But you got it all, we always bought things for you and you had everything a girl could dream of." Everything but love!




I laughed. Tess came through the door in the wall, secret passage, that only we knew about. She threw herself upon me in bed and she laughed. I smiled at her and hugged her.
"Then we must take on ourselves some clothes?" 
She nodded and flew down from the bed. She disappeared as quickly as she had appeared, and I smiled. I put my feet down on the floor and yawned. As always, I got up early, but it was nice to get up in the morning. I chose clothes that were suitable. Mrs. Stanford was careful about fashion choices and she didn't want me to have too challenging shirts on the body. I made ​​sure my brown hair was neatly combed, I took the makeup on my face and I looked like I used to. An ordinary girl who worked for a wealthy family.


Tess held my hand tightly as we walked down the stairs. She knew that it wasn't allowed to run in the house and her parents wanted her to behave like an adult. Tess had many times been told how messy she was, but the truth was something else. She was just a child and she acted like kids always do.


Mr. and Mrs. Stanford sat in the auditorium and I heard voices. We walked carefully through the door and I noted that they had guests at home. Tess was as calm as I was, and when they saw that we were coming, Mrs. stood up. 
"But it's my daughter?" 
I saw in the corner of my eye that a guy was sitting on one of the chairs, and he looked curiously at us. I had learned not to meet others eyes, so I smiled at my employer and I let go off Tess hand. She went up to her mom and hugged her. As always, she received packet and there was no pony.


"This is Niall!" I suddenly heard Mr. Stanford say, and he stood up. He looked at Niall. "And this is our nanny who takes care of Tess." 
Niall came straight up to me and I looked into his blue eyes. I admit that my heart skipped a few extra beats. He looked good and I liked immediately his bleached hair. He was dressed in a jacket and he had a white shirt with a tie. He looked like all the rich guys did, but he had a wonderful smile. 
"Nice to meet you!" he said and held out his hand. I took it and I saw that he undressed me with his eyes. It was as if he held my hand longer than he should, and right as it was, he looked at Mr. Stanford. "If your baby girl are so beautiful, what does the others girls look like in this country?"
I frowned. Was it meant to sound like a compliment? Niall let go of my hand, but his eyes were almost solid on me. He sat down again, but he stared almost amused at me. Okay, he was good looking but I didn't like his way to treat me. 
"Niall's my cousin son." said Mr. Stanford quickly. "He's here to see our country and he will stay as long as he wants." 
I let my eyes drift back to Tess. She sat on the floor with a doll and she was happy. I didn't care about Niall and he stared at me. It was as if he still thought I was easy to get? 
"So what's your name? Nanny?" 
I had to look at Niall again. 
"Maggie!" I replied almost in a whisper. Niall was amused and he looked at my entire body. I could almost see what he thought. 
"Beautiful name?" 
"Thank you!"

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