He has everything but me

He has everything but me - Niall and I were born in two different lives. He was rich and he had got all that he wanted. I was poor and I had to work to get somewhere. We had nothing in common and I wasn't the type who were attracted by his money, yet he wanted me and he was prepared to fight to get me.


24. The family

Des was overjoyed and when the weekend came, he invited me to his large house, outside the city. Harry picked me up and he was happy. 
"You're the first girlfriend that I take home to my parents." he said as we drove to his father's house. I grinning. 
"I know them, already?" 
Harry laughed. 
"And that's what's good. No surprises and just pure joy." 
I nodded and I looked out the window. We went on a minor road and then veered Harry toward Des big house. It was a long road to the house and I noticed that they were really rich. It was a mansion of it's larger size. The courtyard was filled with shrubs, trees, and I loved the house immediately.


Des came out on the stairs and he rejoiced when I jumped out of the car. Harry took my hand and he pulled me towards the house. I went along and I felt quite safe. I was no longer a girl that wasn't worth anything. In their eyes, I was Maggie and I was good enough.


We came into their so-called dining room. A large room with a long table. It was just succumbed at the end and Des blushed. 
"We wanted to eat here, now when you come here!" he said meaning. "Otherwise, we sit in the kitchen with the staff." 
I realized what a big difference it was between this family and all others who had money. They weren't remarkable, and they wanted to be like normal people. 
"So sit down!" exclaimed Harry's mom and everyone smiled at me. I sat down and my whole body shook. It was a new experience and I felt that Harry took my hand under the table. He smiled at me and he showed that everything was okay.
"We don't need to be formal?" Des proceeded. "You're already like one of the family?" 
I just nodded and I blushed. I didn't know what to say and I had no idea what they wanted to know about me. 
"And your parents?" asked Des when the food came in to us. I swallowed. 
"They are dead!" 
Harry's mom balked. 
"Oh, I am sorry?" 
I smiled. 
"It happened a long time ago. I was sixteen years old and they died in a traffic accident."
Harry squeezed my hand. 
"It sounds hard?" 
I smiled. 
"I started working as a nanny shortly after and I took care of a little girl." 
Des smiled at me. 
"You can really take responsibility?" 
I was surprised. They didn't mind that I have been a nanny and they approved me as I was. 
"And you was going to school?" continued Harrys mom with. I nodded and I realized that some parts wouldn't be told. 
"The family helped me after four years as nanny and made ​​sure I got an education." 
Harry smiled at me. 
"What kind they must have been?" 
I hesitated, I shouldn't tell him why they did help me? Des seemed pleased nevertheless. 
"Good that they did it!" he said happily. "Otherwise you wouldn't have ended up in my bank!"




Harry drove me home in the evening. I had told him about my life, but not about Niall. I felt mean as I didn't had talked about everything, but at the same time not. Harry certainly had secrets, and he certainly had many things I didn't know about.


"Can I sleep over?" he asked hoarsely. I smiled and I nodded at him. Harry leaned against me and he kissed me lightly. "I love you!"


Yes, I had feelings for Harry and I loved him, but at the same time it wasn't as deep as the ones I'd had for Niall. That's what scared me. Niall was gone and I shouldn't even think about him, yet he showed up often. Sometimes I could sit and just let my mind drift over to him, some nights I dreamed of Niall, but I knew that it was just me playing myself a prank.


Harry lay on top of me and he got as always, my body shaking with excitement. I felt his hands, his lips, his body, why not be happy with that? He wasn't Niall and Niall had never loved me as much as Harry loved me. I loved his lips, his body, his breath, but I doubted my feelings. Harry made ​​me scream, to enjoy and to shake all over. Why did I then wanted to have Niall? Harry was better and his family accepted me. Niall wasn't my future and he was married to another woman. He certainly had children with her and he was certainly happy. Yet I couldn't let him go.


Harry hugged me and I felt our tired bodies were pressed against each other. 
"I love you so much!" he mumbled. I tried to collect myself. I smiled and I did everything that was required of me. 
"I love you Harry!" 
He kissed me and I felt his love. 
"You're my everything." he muttered, and he kissed me so tenderly and so lovingly. I felt like a traitor, but I convinced myself that he was the only right man for me. His family loved me and he loved me.

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