He has everything but me

He has everything but me - Niall and I were born in two different lives. He was rich and he had got all that he wanted. I was poor and I had to work to get somewhere. We had nothing in common and I wasn't the type who were attracted by his money, yet he wanted me and he was prepared to fight to get me.


7. No

The restaurant was great, created so that rich people would eat and Niall had booked the best table for two. It was as if I entered another time. All were beautifully dressed and all looked as if they had just got done in order to best effect. Niall showed me through to the table and he pulled out the chair, like a gentleman. He sat on the other side of the table and he smiled at me. 
"I order for you?" he said, and he took up menu. The waiter came and he noted down everything that Niall wanted. In the meantime, I let gently my eyes drift around the room. I saw elderly ladies with their old men. I saw young rich people and I saw families with children who sat perfectly still. Niall smiled when he saw my eyes. 
"It's rude to stare?" 
I blushed and I looked down at my hands. 
He laughed and I was surprised when he reached over his hand towards me. He caught my hand and he held it tenderly in his hand. 
"From now on, you are with me." he whispered. "No one looks down on you and no one knows who you are., If they asked, simply reply that you are an old friend of mine!" 
I nodded and I noted that he still could undress me naked with his eyes. I realized how he could seduce girls. It was enough that he looked at them, smiled sheepishly and said a few kind words. I wondered if he was aware that he could affect girls? I assumed he knew about that and he exploited it.


I have never eaten such good food. I didn't blurted in my food because my stomach wasn't used to much. But I ate until I couldn't manage to eat more and then I leaned back in my chair. Niall laughed and I noted that he ate a lot. It surprised me because he had a nice figure. 
"I'm always hungry." Niall mumbled quickly as an excuse. "I have a special relationship with food." 
I smiled a little bit. I saw at him that he really enjoyed when he ate. 
"Don't let me disturb you." I said teasingly. Niall laughed a little bit and he drank the water.
"We'll do more tonight." he said quickly, and he looked at me again. "The night is only young."
I couldn't question his plans anymore. I realized that I had only one choice and that was to accompany him. 
He smiled and he looked at me with his beautiful blue eyes. 
"When I have paid, then it's beginning to the evening." 
I raised an eyebrow. 
"And what..." 
He interrupted me. 
"As of now I'm the one who decides. You should just enjoy and you'll just come with me." 
I sighed. 


Niall took me back to the car and we drove through the city. I was surprised when we stopped outside a large house. I heard it played music, but I had no idea where we were. It looked like a private house, but not really. Okay! I found out why rich people (young people) aren't visible on the street, among us ordinary. They had private parties and it was there that Niall had taken me. There were all kinds in the house, but it seemed that all had one common thing: Money!


A beautiful girl came up to us. She had a wonderfully stylish and sexy dress. Big tits and a slim waist. I saw that Niall knew her, but he didn't let go of my hand and he didn't let her influence him. 
"Niall?" she said happily and hugged him. "Are you here?" 
Niall nodded. 
"I'm over and see my dad's cousin." 
She didn't seem interested and she gave me a quick glance. Niall realized she wanted to know who I was. 
"My old friend Maggie!" 
I blushed, but nobody saw it, and the girl wasn't the least bit interested in being friends with me. She hung instead all over Niall. 
"Call if you have time to do anything...?" 
I was surprised when he seemed to hesitate. 
"No, I'll hang out with Maggie and family. Another time?" 
She was disappointed and I was happy.

Niall pulled me further into the room, against a bar. 
"She's still not my type," murmured Niall. He understood that I wondered. "She's been with many guys and she will do anything to get some sex." 
I balked. 
"Is she like you?" 
He laughed. 
"Don't believe everything you hear." 
I sighed. 
"But you're..." 
He stopped and he looked straight into my eyes. He smiled rather sheepishly and he seemed almost like he wanted to kiss me again. 
"Stop believing in others and find out the truth first." 
I sighed. 
"And you wont tell me the truth?" 
He shook his head. 
"Too easy." he whispered. "Sometimes you have to fight to get what you want?" 
I disagreed. 
"You can buy everything, even what you don't want?"
His look said more than a thousand words. 
"I'm not talking about things!" he whispered hoarsely. "I'm talking about people!" 
I hesitated. 
"Do you want to own people?" 
He laughed a little bit and he leaned toward me. He put his lips to my ear and I felt him caressing my skin with his cheek. 
"One person I would like to own. You!" 
I almost fainted. He stood there and I felt his lips slid over my skin, down over my neck and down over my shoulder. I was unsure if it was a kiss, but he influenced me. 
"You can't own me!" 
He groaned. 
"I know and that's why I intend to fight more to get you." he let his hand slide around my waist and he pushed me gently against him. "You're just too perfect." 
I hesitated. 
"Niall, people see us?" 
He didn't care and I felt how he pressed his lips against my skin even more. 
"And?" he whimpered. He pressed himself against me and right as it was, he caught up my face with his second his. He kissed me and it was a kiss with everything. I felt like a girl who had won the top prize. My stomach tingled and my legs were weak and I responded to the kiss. His hand slid up over my back and it was as if he applied himself to my most naked part. I couldn't help but moan and I took my arms around his shoulders. Niall groaned, too, and he backed me up against a wall. I felt him pressed himself up against me and it was as if time stood still. He could do whatever he wanted with me, I was as lost in his arms.


"The hotel?" Niall whimpered and he ended the kiss. I got scared. Why, he wanted to hotel. 
"No?" I mumbled uncertainly. "You had plans for the evening?" 
Niall laughed a little bit, but he was still excited. 
"We have a day tomorrow?" 
I still didn't wanted to go to the hotel. 
"But we can't keep up with everything tomorrow." 
He pressed himself against me and I felt that he had boner. I blushed rapidly over the discovery, but Niall didn't seem to care. 
"Damn Maggie, you're so difficult!" 
I swallowed. 
"And you too!"




It became like Niall wanted and we got back to the hotel. He took off his jacket and threw it over a chair, even his tie went off and landed on the floor. He was fast. He caught me up and he began again to kiss me. I couldn't resist and I felt how my whole body almost cried of happiness. His lips were gorgeous and he seemed to know what he would do. He pushed me up against the wall and he pulled up my dress. Then he pulled my legs up, so they ended up around his waist. I couldn't argue with him. I just followed and I took my arms tightly around his neck. I felt him pressed against me, and he groaned aloud. I felt his hands under my butt and he held me steady. He moved his hip against me and I felt his boner rubbed against my most sensitive part. Niall made ​​me go crazy and I just wanted more. He moaned louder and I felt that he wouldn't let me go. It was as if he knew that I couldn't resist him.


After a while, he laid me down on the floor and I felt how he ripped my dress. I wasn't ashamed over my body and I wanted him to see me. Niall kissed my face and then he let the kiss wander down over my naked skin. He kissed my breasts outside my bra and he let his tongue taste me. I wanted to scream and I wanted more. He let his lips slide down over my stomach and it was as if he knew where my most sensitive areas existed. I moaned and I took my hands over his head. I wanted to pull him up over me, but Niall continued downward. In the end I felt the lips touching me between my legs and I screamed almost straight out. He bit me, using his lips and he made me shake, even though I had the panties on. It was as if I ended up in another world and I was no longer aware of anything. Niall groaned and he pulled off his shirt.  I wasn't aware that he was stripped naked. I just felt his lips and his tongue against my panties and I couldn't care.


Niall lay on top of me and I felt how he pushed me to the floor. I took my legs around his waist and my arms around his body. He kissed me hard and it was as if he never wanted to stop. I moaned, I groaned and I moved towards him. His one hand undid my bra and he took it off. His hands caressed my breasts and then I was almost going to die from the whole feeling. It was wonderful and I couldn't understand why I allowed him to continue. Nialls tongue was intense and his fingers found my nipples to react. I continued to moan. I felt his boner pressed against me, and now there were only a cloth between us, which was in the way. Nialls hand slipped down and I felt him began to pull down my panties. That's when I woke up and I realized what was happening. I swallowed and I stopped to kiss him. 
"No Niall ... this is wrong?" 
He moaned and he didn't care. He tried to bring down my panties again. I became angry and I pulled his hand away. 
"NO!" I pushed him away from me and I stood up quickly. "This's wrong!" I almost screamed and I saw at him he was disappointed. He stood up in front of me and I could see his entire naked body. I blushed slightly, but at the same time, I wanted to think smart. We couldn't have sex, it just wasn't happening.
"I don't want to be one of the crowd." I got out of me. He looked devastated and he took a few steps toward me. 
"Maggie, you're not..." 
I was angry. 
"No Niall. I want no more. Tomorrow I'm going home. Tess need me and this is just a silly game. You play hard to get and I play dumb to get. Quit!" 
He wanted to hug me, but I backed off even more. 
"No, all I want to say is just no!" I just wanted to cry, because I was ashamed of everything. I had been under him and I had been enjoying. Talk about that he knew I was easy. He knew what he would do and I had fallen. I didn't want to fall for him and I didn't want him.

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