He has everything but me

He has everything but me - Niall and I were born in two different lives. He was rich and he had got all that he wanted. I was poor and I had to work to get somewhere. We had nothing in common and I wasn't the type who were attracted by his money, yet he wanted me and he was prepared to fight to get me.


13. different opinions

In the morning I awoke to the smell fried eggs throughout the apartment. I sat up in bed and noted that Niall wasn't beside me. He was then in the kitchen? I saw before me that he couldn't prepare food, but I did think once extra about that. I chose to jump down on the floor and I slipped into the kitchen. I was surprised when I saw a dining table set with everything a breakfast could contain. Niall stood and put up the last egg on a plate and when he saw me, he walked straight up to me. 
"Good morning, sweetheart." he whispered and kissed me on the cheek. "Breakfast's served." 
I could do nothing more than smile and I sat down on a chair. 
"So you can cook?"
Niall laughed and he sat down on a chair across from me. He nodded, and he looked at me with his blue big eyes. 
"I have characteristics that you don't know about." he said and grinned. "Eat it before it runs out!" 
I smiled and I took the food as I wanted. Niall seemed to have a good appetite and he ate more than he talked. 
"So you'll stay here?" I asked tentatively. He nodded and he smiled at me with his mouth full of food. He chewed up and he swallowed. 
"Yes, and you had planned something else?" 
I hesitated. 
"So I'll go to college and what will you do?" 
He laughed and he was amused. 
"You think I do nothing?" he said happily. "But I have a lot of paperwork to go through and I take care of the family's shares, which I'll do perfectly."
I looked at him that he was proud, but I doubted his work. 
"So you sit and take care of stocks?" 
He nodded, and he understood that I doubted. 
"And it's more than what it sounds like. Daddy let me take over when I was nineteen years old and since then it's my job." 
I frowned. 
"And what do you do when you don't care about your stocks?" 
He ate and he looked at me with a mischievous look. 
"I go to the gym, I buy clothes and I flirt with you." 
I blushed, but realized that it wasn't a good answer. 
"Niall, so you aren't working?" 
He grinning. 
"No, why should I do it when I have other things to do?"
I sighed. 
"Everyone has to work to earn an income?" I looked at him. "But not you?" 
He was happy with life and he didn't understand what I meant. 
"Come on, sweetheart. I can take care of the shares and I can take care of you. That's my job?" 
I hesitated. 
"You don't toil to get the money?" 
He shook his head. 
"No, I'll take care of the shares as I told you. Okay, it can be a hassle sometimes, but often know the people working under us what to do." 
"So they're doing your job?" 
He thought. 
"Well, in a way yes, but in a way, no!"
I ate the food but I started to doubt about us. It sounded better if he found a girl who was used to his life. 
"And where do I fit in?" 
He looked up at me and he seemed almost surprised. 
"I want to live with you?" 
I swallowed. 
"But when I'm done with my education and work?" 
He smiled. 
"Then I'm at the gym, take care of the shares and make sure that you are happy?" 
I sighed. 
"So you don't want an orderly work?" 
He smiled, but I saw that he understood what I meant. It was as if he wanted to tease me, but he realized that I wasn't amused. 
"What's wrong with that I do what I do?"
I had many causes. 
"I grew up in a poor family." I said honestly. "I learned early on that you have to work to get things. You grew up in a family that has it all and you don't even work?" 
Niall didn't seem to like or share my opinion. 
"Is it my fault?" 
I looked at him and I shook my head. 
"But if I was you I would make a change. I would devote myself to charity and help those who don't have money."
Niall was thinking and he looked at me with his gorgeous eyes, which constantly influenced me. 
"YOU mean I'm going out and doing things for others that do nothing?" 
I sighed. 
"I just want you to understand the choices. You live a good life and maybe you can help poor people, at least one?" 
I sighed. 
"I don't know? Give him food, give him the clothes that you don't use, help where there are needed people and be more glad over that you were born with money?" 
Niall sighed.
"Okay, so you want me to be a wimp?" 
I was about to give up. Directly he took his hand across the table and he caught my hand. 
"Maggie, I'm serious, I don't know how to do everything that you telling me and I want to become a better person."
We fell silent. I nearly drowned in his eyes, but at the same time I was considering his options. 
"What's your education?" 
He smiled. 
"I'm a business leader. I same education as my dad passed, my grandfather passed and everyone has gone through." 
I frowned. 
"But what did you  become after you educated yourself?" 
He hesitated. 
I laughed. 
"Niall, find out what your educational is and what you can work with. Maybe you can do more than just take care of the family's shares?"
Niall sat quietly in his chair. It was as if he didn't understand, but I saw at him that he understood everything I told him. 
"You're an odd girl?" 
I smiled. 
"No, I'm just down to earth and I'm not used to money." 
He sighed and then smiled a little weak to me. I felt he squeezed my hand. 
"I knew you were unique." he almost whispered. "When I saw you the first time, I knew that you were a person who can change things." 
I smiled. 
"No, you're the only one that can change yourself. I'm just telling you the truth and what I believe's the true."

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