He has everything but me

He has everything but me - Niall and I were born in two different lives. He was rich and he had got all that he wanted. I was poor and I had to work to get somewhere. We had nothing in common and I wasn't the type who were attracted by his money, yet he wanted me and he was prepared to fight to get me.


23. A boyfriend

When Harry came to my home, I had done it all clean. I had made sure that everything was perfect and my whole body tingled. He brought with him a bouquet of roses and wine. I was surprised, but at the same time happy. He really wanted to woo me. 
"Nice home?" 
I smiled and I disappeared into the kitchen with the roses. 
"Thank you?" 
I took out a vase, poured into water and put them in it. More didn't had time do more. I felt two arms around my waist and Harry's lips on my neck. 
"I missed you!" he moaned and he kissed me on the right place. I spun around and directly he caught me up in his arms. Our lips met and it was like we couldn't stop. He held me so tight and he made sure I didn't have to stand on my toes. My whole body was in turmoil and I couldn't resist him. Harry seemed to feel the same and I felt how he pulled me toward the bedroom. I went along and I let him control me. I didn't mind.


Harry threw me on the bed. He sat down under me, between my legs and it took him only seconds to tear off my clothes. He stripped him naked then, and I almost fainted. He was perfect. He was tattooed, had brown skin, I saw that he trained on gum and he had a large member. Harry let his hands massaging my body. He was still sitting between my legs and his eyes were as solid to me. He was pleased my body and he was really excited. His hands massaged my breasts, my stomach and my thighs. He let his hands slide to the inside of the thighs and I screamed almost straight out of excitement. He smiled and he let his hands slowly slide against my most sensitive part. When his fingers finally met my clit, I screamed almost straight out. He knew what he would do with me and he knew how he would tease me.


Harry lowered his face and I felt his tongue began to play with me between my legs. I couldn't lie still and I took my hands over his head. I felt how he filled me with emotions and I did everything to not think about Niall. Harry was much better and I felt how his fingers found my g-spot directly. I was like crazy and when he sat up again, I was almost disappointed. Harry pulled me up and he put me on his lap, so that we could kiss each other again. I felt his lips and I was sitting with one leg on each side of his thigh. He moaned and he forced me to put me up on my knees. He brought his cock towards me and he forced me to sit down again. He penetrated and he filled me to the brim. I don't know who groaned highest, but I didn't care. Instead, I started to ride him and he held his arms tightly around my back, just because he could control me. I held my arms tightly around his neck, and our lips were like mad at each other. I rode him hard, fast and I felt how he got me to reach the mist country. I wasn't aware of anything and I just wanted more from him.


Harry lay down on his back and he looked at me with love, lust and passion. I leaned forward and took my hands on either side of his head. I continued to move my body up and down, and he took his hands around my waist. I didn't know if I did the right thing, but it felt wonderful throughout me. Harry moaned loudly and he whimpered with his face. He let a hand slide around my waist and with his thumb he began to caress me. I was like a maniac and I was moving faster and faster. In the end it was as if he got my whole body to just run away. I got an orgasm and I screamed. I was shaking and I felt how I hard pressed me down over his member. It was as if the whole I passed out and I wasn't aware of anything other than that I was there.


Harry lay me on my side, with my legs around his waist. He held me firmly and I felt how he began to bring his cock hard in and out of me. He was so involved in the movements that he couldn't kiss me. Instead, he did everything possible to get the same results and I noted that he flexed every muscle in the body. Finally he came and he put himself totally over me. I felt how he pressed his dick inside me and he filled me with cum. He shook and he groaned straight out, then he relaxed slowly of.


We were silent and we breathed quickly. I felt his hot body against mine and I admit that I loved every inch of him. Harry held his arms tightly around me and he seemed dull throughout the body. 
"This wasn't a one time thing!" he said hoarsely in my ear. "I want to see you again and I want to see you often." 
I smiled and I just wanted to scream with happiness. 
"I want to meet you!" I whispered hoarsely, and I heard how silly it sounded. Harry smiled and he raised his head. He drew back his hair and he looked straight into my eyes. 
"So I still have the chance on you?" 
I laughed and I nodded. Harry seemed to take a breather and he kissed me lightly. 
"So is there any chance you could be my girlfriend?" 
I was amused by his way of expressing himself and I nodded. 
"But then you must first be my boyfriend?" 
Harry nodded and he laughed lightly. 
"So can't we decide that for a fact, that your my girlfriend, but first I'm your boyfriend?" 
I nodded and I was just happy. I couldn't help but laugh and I loved the feeling that popped up in my body.
"Okay boyfriend!" I giggled. "It's an honor to be your girlfriend!" 
Harry laughed and he kissed me again. I felt that he really wanted to be near me and I was happy. For the first time in years, I was happy.

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